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  1. Thank y'all so much! I'm sure we're probably overthinking it, it's just so much money to risk. But we have quite a bit of evidence so fingers crossed we'll be fine.
  2. Hi guys! So I'm an American citizen and my husband is Australian. I want to go over on an ETA and apply for the partner Visa onshore. The thing is, the hefty fee will be pretty much all of the money we have. What are the primary reasons applicants get rejected? Is there anyone who has successfully applied without a migration agent? We've been married for almost a year, but have known each other for almost a decade. We've lived together for almost a total of 2 years if that little bit of info helps. I'm honestly mostly concerned about the social requirement of the application being that we dont post on social media a lot, and we dont have a lot of photos with family. Thank y'all for the help!
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