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  1. Hi there, I am an international student visa 500 holder in Australia. I sponsored my spouse on student dependent visa but our relationship broke down. I notified the Australian Immigration office by writing an application and filling form 1022 "changes in the relationship" through mail and posted it a month ago but have not received any form of correspondence to know whether they have received my form. I just want to know that whether immigration office correspond with you after you notify them about relationship break up or not? As I have been told that immigration office contact you to confirm that relationship is over once they receive the application and form from you.
  2. Yes I have already done that by submitting the form of changes in a relationship and also a written application with all my visa n passport details too. Just want some advice that will they cancel his visa or will he still be allowed to live for 4 years till the visa expires?
  3. Hi I am an international student in Australia and my spouse applied his student spouse dependent visa on my behalf as I am the primary visa holder, now when he came here our relationship ended because of personal reasons n I want to withdraw my sponsorship and wants the student dependent visa revoked as the relationship is no more. So I need guidance and advice that how can I do that? Regards
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