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  1. Thank you for the detailed advice. 2- Can you please have a look at the attachment and tell me if this is the right form? 4- so if I apply offshore and come back to Aus, I still cannot apply for any bridging visa?
  2. Hello, My partner is an Australian citizen while I currently hold a student visa. The option that seems alright is to apply for an offshore visa. I have checked the IMMI website and have been browsing through this forum. I need some opinion if my understanding is correct as I am confused between sponsorship and partnership after reading the April 17 posts. So to summarise, according to my little understanding, the steps to apply for offshore visa are: 1- IMMI application filling 2- Attaching 888 forms (2a- I assume they shall be available after I submit the application? 2b- I found one form 888 online and I have attached that. Please tell me if it is the correct one? 2c- I am not sure if I should get them filled and then start the application or the other way round?) 3- Payment of fee (3a- Do I pay that from an Australian account or the country I am going to be in? not decided where at this point, could be Indonesia or NZ, none of them is my home country) 4- Applying for bridging visa A 5- Wait Is this correct? and can anyone please tell me where does sponsorship fit in all this equation? And lastly, the ages old question, should I go with an agent or apply be myself? Any help is appreciated, thank you 888-Statutory-declaration-by-a-supporting-witness-in-relation-to-a-Partner-or-Prospective-Marriage-visa-application.pdf
  3. Hello, I am facing a somewhat difficult issue. I am in relationship with an Australian. I cannot apply for any visa as well while I am in Australia, other than protection visa. I need guidance on this please. Does anyone have any idea which visa to apply? Who to reach out? Lastly, for off-shore partner visa applications, can someone please tell me if I can apply for that? and is it better to go with a consultant or it is easy enough to be dome by yourself? I asked a couple of consultants and their quotes range from 12500 AUD to 15000. Thank you
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