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  1. I didn’t applied through IMMI, it paper application.
  2. Hey I applied for my visitor visa in 22nd August 2019. Still I didn’t get my visa. How long it will takes ?
  3. Hey applicant, I’m Saumya, from Sri Lanka and I have already applied an offshore partner visa in March.and after that I have also applied for a Visit Visa for 3 months. I will fly to my husband in next week. My visit will due in December and it is a pleasure if you could give me the information for reapplying for another 6 months Visit visa. Should I reapply for a visit visa after returning to my country or is there any probable way to extend it during my stay in Australia? Thank u all
  4. Hey all,, Any luck for anyone, what about ur visa stage? In my case At this moment The applicant status is further assessment and for the sponsor is submitted, almost 4 months for applicant application and one month for sponsor application, because I missed to submit my sponsor application! (Is it will be a problem for my visa outcome) Please share if you have any updates to your case.
  5. Do u mean they are granted both 309 and 100 on the same time?
  6. Still the same error. Can anyone to explain this situation?
  7. Hey all, I can’t login my immi account. Is there any server error???
  8. Thank u sooo much, Did u mean this situation is normal right? Do I missed anything?
  9. Can’t I apply by my self? Coz we are live in two countries.
  10. Yeah I saw that! Who’s applied for ur wife’s visitor visa? I mean is she or u?
  11. Hey, i already applied for offshore partner Visa and now I’m looking for apply visitor visa, what are the requirements are they ask?
  12. Hey All, We lodged the application on the 26th March 2019, and uploaded all our evidence and Police Clearance Certificate on 23rd April 2019. I submitted my medical certificate also. We didn’t receive any email yet on allocation of C.O for us I guess. I understand most people get C.O after 4-6 weeks. any reason why we didn't get one yet ? I'd love to know when we get assigned a CO also! Do they email you to let you know, even if they d on' t u pd a te the online statuses? But, On 27th I got Acknowledgement letter and Biometric letter by email. At this moment The applicant status is further assessment and for the sponsor is submitted. is this normal ? does this mean our visa is in good progr ess ? Please share if you have any updates to your case. Thanks
  13. Hey, I already applied for the offshore partner Visa. Now Im trying to apply visitor visa. What is the process? Do I need to go through a agent or can I directly apply? And for the visitor visa should I show money in my bank?
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