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  1. Thank you so much SammyJ
  2. I extended my visitor visa on last June because it’s not possible to go back my home country in this pandemic situation. Currently I’m in Australia with a subclass600 visitor visa. So my current visa will expire on October, So I need to stay here with my husband, I need suggestions for which visa I should go? (I also applied for a partner visa for offshore in March 2019 which status is "further assessment" on immi account)
  3. SauSam

    New Updates??

    Same here almost 16 months!! But I’m with my husband in Australia as Visitor. I have applied for another six months visit visa extension.
  4. Hey applicants, do u have any new updates regarding Partner Visa Subclass 309??
  5. Huh huh same here. I have already applied for my partner visa in March 2019 and it’s been 15 months. It’s still processing. Now I’m on Visitor Visa and I applied for 6 months extension. coz, my flight has cancelled. They asked medical from me as well. What’s the point auh??? They didnt ask medical from me for my current visit visa. (Bupa medical fee 300+)
  6. Hey All, I’m from Sri Lanka , Currently I’m in Australia with my husband. I have applied for my partner visa 309/100 offshore in March 2019 and it's been 15 months. It's still on Further Assessment status. I received one auto generated emails saying it's still in progress but the status hasn't changed at all. What about u guys? Any updates? Saumya
  7. Once I started to apply they ask first, at this moment I’m in inside or outside Australia? If I marked as inside Australia, after that they ask how many months do u want to extend? It’s 3,6,12 months up to. And they asked only few documents, financial supports and visit plans
  8. I check it on immi. And that is an extension right?
  9. Yes Please, can anyone help with this matter????
  10. Oh thank you! Do you know how to apply or is there good agent in Australia?
  11. Can I apply for another 600, while in Australia???
  12. Hey all PV applicant,, I have applied Partner Visa Subclass 309 offshore in March, 2019 and its still processing. Now I’m in Australia with my husband on Visit Visa Subclass 600 without 8503 condition (No further stay). There are 4 or 5 months, I have to wait for my Partner Visa result. And my Visitor visa will be expire in May, 2020. Is there any option for me to stay with my husband in Australia?? I mean any Visa extension or Bridging Visa option??? Thanks
  13. Congratulations! Tea of course I will!
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