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  1. Thanks for your help! But there shouldn't be an issue with getting two visas within the space of a few months? Just as long as they aren't simultaneous? If so that sounds ok
  2. Hello I'm new to the forums and haven't been able to see a similar situation - apologies if I've missed it. I am over in Australia on a skills shortage visa for two years. My girlfriend works for a UK company and has been granted a 400 visa for 3 months from her company from September to November to work in the Australian branch. She then needs to work for the UK branch for December and January either back in the UK or remotely from Australia. Then plans to take a sabbatical and apply for a working holiday visa for a year from February. I know its a messy situation! Just wondering if you are able to have two different visas within this timeframe? Would she be able to work remotely and apply for the working holiday visa or would she have to go back to the UK and apply from there? Thanks for any help!
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