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  1. Thank you! SammyJ. Pleaes correct me if I am wrong: For example, the utility bill, [1] they are neccesory if I want to testify "Couple are living together", I can show them both names are on the same address, [2] they are neccessory if I want to testify "Household arrangement", I can show them who pay what bills. [3] they are also neccessory if I want to testify "Residency", I can show them part of it for the applicant only. From your explanation, I can upload this "Utility bill. pdf" (including both bills) to any of the above category and without explaining which bill belong to who, and such. The officer can figure them out himself, Is that correct for the above situation? Same goes to bank statement, rate notice, etc. thanks!
  2. Hi, we are uploading the evidence now, having trouble to provide evidence. Seems there are alot of duplicates. For example: under "Address - Residency", I need to upload the utility bills to testify the residence. under "Couple living togerther", I have to upload all the utility bills with both names on that. under "Household", the bills also very important. It really confuse me, do I just pick one category and upload the bill? or I have to upload to all three categories together? Thanks for clarance for us!
  3. Yes, it is effetive immediately, and they give you the medicare number which you can use before the 1-year visitor medicare card is mailed to you.
  4. I can confirm that you can apply medicare even the bridging A is not valid. I did it this monday. You can print the page Sam gave to you and explain to them, some medicare staff just don't know the policy very clear. If they still can't, just change a center or change another staff try again. good luck.
  5. to all: I came across this thread Its exactly what I concerned about. The only differnce is she doesn't want the result and I am seeking this result.
  6. Its sound quite odd. I can hold both inactive BVA and BVB untill my visitor visa either over-stay (over 3months) or pass the 3 years validity.
  7. So, its good news that we can use the visitor visa to leave before 10th April without bvb, a good alternative. Working right is not important to us now. Another question, you can only check the vevo for BVA untill it is activated, is this correct? Yeah, the virus is crazy. Heard lots of non-offical news, just be careful.
  8. Appllied the 820 yesterday and get the Bridging A letter, like: Still this question, the current Visitor Visa entry ends on 10 April 2020, but the visa itself ends in August 2021. Am I safe to go without applying BRB? Because I still entitled to enter australian on the visitor visa. From my understanding, above figure only illustrate the situation that the Bridging A kicked in if I keep in Australian after 3 months stay. What if I use the visitor 600 leave and enter without concern of the Bridging A? ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| I also found the following info on the IMMI website about BRB and sustantive visa: Does this mean I can be safer by applying BRB now (without BRA actived)? confused. Thanks!
  9. Thank you all for the sincerely help and information!
  10. Yes, I know the IVF can be very frustrated, but have to give it a go. @SammyJ, We are in Brisbane, any good one here?
  11. Guys, I know it seems better to apply offshore from this point of view. But we are also considering to have a baby during this process or even do the IVF procedure, which I think it's better be here in Australia. I know we can't get everything here, but life is really hard, just try to get the most for the family and balance as much as we can. This is a hard process to research every possible solution and now a much more clear picture arise now. Time to decide what to give up.
  12. Thanks! Maybe I didn't make the intention very clear, the idea is not to leave and enter australia frequently under 600 , but try to use current valid tourist visa to travel easily and longer, like: After 820, I can left australia and live in hometown for 6 months continuesly and enter australia again for 2~3 months and travel to europe again for 3~4 month, etc. In this scenario, It doesn't look like I abuse the 600 to overstay in australia. The only downside seems to me is the officer might think I stay oversea too long? Hope I make my point clear and again any comment is welcome.
  13. After the 820 applied, I know that I have to apply for the Bridging B if the Bridging A kicked in for leaving Australia. But I just found a very interesting fact that: [1] Entered australian on a 3 years multiple tourist visa with 3 months maximum stay. [2] Apply for 820 and grant briging A (but not effective as the visitor visa is still in effective). [3] Left australia before current 3 months stay limit -> keep the visitor visa valid -> not activate the briging A. wola!, you can have unlimit travel after applied 820, don't have to pay $155 to apply BVB everytime and struggle with the sustantial reasons. Of cause there lays limitation: [1] No working rights. [2] Maximum 3 months stay in australia for each entry. [3] have a final end date for the visitor visa ( depends on the length of existing 600). Could anyone point out if this logic is wrong or not, or any potential danger? here are the reference link (https://easivisa.com/2017/07/15/travelling-overseas-applying-partner-visa/) thank you! ning
  14. I am a citizen and I went to china for work over 8 years, and I met my wife and get married in China for nearly 5 years now. Last december, we came back Australia and hope to have a child here, at the mean time, get my wife a PR, she is right on a 3 years multiple entry 600. The easiest way is to apply 820 because her 600 is 8503-free. But, we have two concerns: [1] My current work is still in China, although I work out a way to stay in Australia, does it raise any suspect to the officer regarding our intension to permenently stay in Australia? [2] The waiting time is so long for 820 visa, my wife have to apply for BVB everytime to visit her parent or even for travel. This raise lot of concern for us. You can see our situation now, although we have future plan to live in Australia for good, we still have lots of connection to China now. Soooo, alternatively, 309 came into mind, it has the following advantages: [1] My wife can come and go much easier with current 600 visa untill 309 is granted. [2] I heard: the offshore application is processed in China, they can directly deal with evidence in Chinese (chat history, bill, phone history, property tesimony, etc), which in deed is great help to us as our love story happened in China so far. Thus we don't have translate and certify the huge amount "trivial" evidence. It sounds nice, but: can my wife apply the visa 309 offshore and [1] Come to australia with 600. (this one seems 100%) [2] Apply for medicare after. (this one seems 100% from official document, but some medicare centers might refuse to do so) [3] Can she allow to give birth in Australia if she is on the 600? (I don't have a clue about this one), I can think of two methods: a. stay continuesly in Australia by applying for 600 extension, but will officer refuse it after known the pregnency fact, and even endanger the 309 application. b. travel 2~3 times during pregnency, is it safe to do so? and any danger the customer will refuse the entry? Thanks, any suggestion would be highly appreciated. ning
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