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  1. Yeah onshore visa. Did you mean "if asked by IMMI" do they ask if we have travelled separately ? (we haven't yet) So if our application is awful, then it is likely to be rejected quickly ?
  2. Can form 888 be added after we apply ? (some friends are taking a long time to get back) Will they investigate our personal lives ? My partner is going back to her country for 4 weeks and I don't want to go so I am staying here, will they investigate us and ask why we didn't travel together ? i have already been to her country once this year and don't want to go again. We are in relationship for 2 years, but have not been living together for 12 months. Living together for maybe 6 months. We will register relationship before applying. When we apply I hear she will get a bridging visa automatically and if it is rejected the rejection will take between 12 months and 2 years. So whatever happens we buy her 12 months in the country minimum ?
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