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  1. What if we don't mind a delay ? (onshore application) We just want to avoid getting rejected early...
  2. Do we just get this form off google or do we wait for immigration to request us to fill it out ? Thanks.
  3. After we apply my partner will visit her parents for a couple of weeks, is she able to upload evidence while overseas or will that be considered applying offshore ? Does the "onshore" application only apply to the application and payment part ? She is currently on a student visa so is allowed to travel back at any time. Also one more question please : We applied to register our relationship but the status is still in progress; will this still count for the purpose of the application for partner visa or will they just say we were not registered at the point of applying ? Thanks
  4. Hi Thank you For the relationship statements we wrote a lot but then realised the character limit is 2000 including spaces, so our information has been cut down, missing a lot of details, do people usually attach essays and documents to the application and can we do that latter or does it need to be done when we first apply ? edit: they could really give us some more space to make our case
  5. We are trying to get the application in ASAP to avoid the new law changes. If my partner applies today or tomorrow how long do I have to apply ? I am the sponsor, she is the applicant. If it at all matters she is from Japan. Are we considered to have "applied" after the application submits the application or after the sponsor does ? I just realised one of our form 888 got the wrong date for relationship and said that they met her before we were in a relationship. Should I ask them to change ? The form has already been signed and witnessed...
  6. When you say point in time does it count if we have applied to register but did not get the approval yet ?
  7. Can form 888 be added latter ? We have already delayed the application waiting for people who haven't finished filling them out. Currently we have 6 or 7 (one guy can't find his pass port but has birth certificate but not sure if that proves citizenship...)
  8. We decided to register our relationship domestically. We haven't gotten it approved yet, can we add it to the application latter ? Can we add additional information to our relationship statements latter ? Can medical and police checks be added latter ? For photos do we need to get them certified or can we add electronic versions ? We have daily text message and LINE conversations, do we need to include these with the application ? if so, how ? I must vent that this whole thing is ridiculous, do they expect that we have film crews following us around to record our every day activities ? How can we possible prove our relationship is "social" ? This stupid system actually advantages scammers, as they would know to take picture perfect snaps with friends ahead of the application. I mean bloody hell, we go out for dinner with people but we never think "hey lets take a group photo !" is just isn't normal.
  9. Yeah onshore visa. Did you mean "if asked by IMMI" do they ask if we have travelled separately ? (we haven't yet) So if our application is awful, then it is likely to be rejected quickly ?
  10. Can form 888 be added after we apply ? (some friends are taking a long time to get back) Will they investigate our personal lives ? My partner is going back to her country for 4 weeks and I don't want to go so I am staying here, will they investigate us and ask why we didn't travel together ? i have already been to her country once this year and don't want to go again. We are in relationship for 2 years, but have not been living together for 12 months. Living together for maybe 6 months. We will register relationship before applying. When we apply I hear she will get a bridging visa automatically and if it is rejected the rejection will take between 12 months and 2 years. So whatever happens we buy her 12 months in the country minimum ?
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