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  1. Good evening! 😁 I’m from the Netherlands and came to Australia in July 2016 for an exchange programme (6 months) in Melbourne. The rest you can probably imagine: I fell in love with an Aussie girl. I went back to Australia 2 times: once on a visitors visa and once on a working holiday visa. Since we’re quite young (23) we haven’t lived together on paper (we did in practice) or have any sort of joint assets/bank accounts. After doing some research I concluded that it would probably be very hard for us to get a partner visa (subclass 820). I’m doing a masters structural engineering here in Holland and will be graduating next year. Currently, we are thinking of trying to get a Recognised graduate visa (subclass 476), once I graduate. Luckily, my university is one of the few universities in Europe that is on the list of acknowledged organisations. The plan that we made is that we apply for this visa and after this either get a sponsorship from a company, or we apply for a partner visa after a year (since we would fulfil the requirements of being in a defacto relationship + we would make sure we have a joint bank account etc.). If I understood it correctly, this would mean I would be granted a bridging visa in both cases, until a decision is made. Because not everything is clear to me, I hope that someone could answer the following questions: 1) If I apply for the subclass 476 visa and I deliver all the correct documents required, is there a chance I would still get rejected? 2) If the visa 476 is granted: how long do I have to enter Australia? And do the 18 months start the day it is granted, or the day I enter Australia? 3) Since I have full working rights on visa 476, does that mean that the bridging visa will give me the same working rights? Meaning I could keep a full-time job for the full duration of the bridging visa? 4) If I manage to secure a sponsorship from a company (with PR as the endgoal), which visa subclass are we looking at? My apologies for the lengthy post, but Australian immigration laws confuse me quite a bit at times! Thanks heaps for your answers already! Jarno
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