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  1. That's great! I wonder how to get to the 'top of the pile'. We applied in Sept 2019 (from Belgium) and it is a 'straightforward' application (we've live together for years, married for 3) but our application status is still sitting at 'received'. The only thing we haven't had done yet is the medical. Anyhow, congratulations to you and your partner and goodluck with the move!
  2. Wow, that was fabulous, congratulations. When did you submit your original application?
  3. Hi all, two questions: 1. Do we need to provide notification somewhere on our Immi account that we are visiting Australia (whilst waiting for the 306 application)? My husband will have the eVisitor Visa but I thought I read somewhere that you must notify the Dept of any 'impending' travel arrangements. The trip is just for 1 month, not a 'move'. 2. We are in Belgium but will be visiting Aust next month. Just starting to look at having the Medical Exam done. Any thoughts on whether it is better to get it done in Aust or in Belgium (especially with regards to Costs)? Comments/suggestions appreciated.
  4. Many thanks Taco for the quick response, it helps a lot.
  5. Hello, firstly, thank you to all those that respond to peoples questions. You have all been my 'go to guide' as we've navigated through the 309 application. My husbands Visa application is submitted(phew) and I'm just completing the online Sponsorship application. I have 2 questions around page 16 "Countries resided/visited" that I can't see to find in a search of this site. 1. "Has the sponsor lived in any country for more than 12 months cumulatively in the past 10 years?" - so I have my Australian address that I was at for 3years before moving to Belgium. I then add 'Belgium' as the next country. I've lived at 2 addresses here. It asks for the last permanent address (which we've lived out for 4 of the 7 years). My question is the "date from /to" - does this refer only to the address or does it refer to the Country? If I put the address dates, then it looks like a 'gap'. If I add the time in Belgium for the last 7 years, it could read that I've lived at that address for 7 years. Suggestions? 2. "Has the sponsor visited any countries in the past 10 years?" - Is this everything EXCEPT the country of residence (Belgium)? Does it include returning to Australia? As stated above, I've lived in Belgium for 7 years, have travelled extensively in Europe (which I can cover off ok) but also have had annual trips to Australia. Alternatively is 'living here' considered 'travel in'? Apologies if I'm over complicating things, sometimes you "can't see the wood for the trees". Any suggestions appreciated.
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