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  1. Is it possible to get a RRV granted if you apply offshore?
  2. As a two-year-old, I came to Australia with my parents in 1970, November on a permanent resident visa. In 1979 we came back to Macedonia and stayed here till 1989 when in July I entered Australia again on a permanent visa. I only stayed until November 1989, after which I came back to Macedonia. I got married and because of the control my husband had over me, I was not allowed to come and continue my visa. In 2011 I got divorced and in 2012 I applied for a last remaining relative visa, but the visa was rejected, after which, in 2014 my older son came to Australia on a student visa and my younger son, is a student and lives with me. In June 2016 my younger son and I came to Australia on a tourist visa and we stayed for two months, the visa had the 8503 condition on it. Once we got back, in November 2016 we applied for another tourist visa and it was approved but once again with the 8503 condition. I know that it is all very complicated but I just pray that I can find someone to help me be with family in Australia as they all live there as Australian citizens( parents, brother and all aunts, uncles and cousins). I have no family in Macedonia, just my younger son and me.
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