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  1. This is really ridiculous. You are asked to pay a huge amount of money, plus the expenses and you have no idea when you get (if you get it) what you paid for and just have to hope that you still have why you paid for something (relationship, especially in LDR) by the time you get it. During the process you have no idea what is happening, how long it is going to take and whether anything is happening at all. Large part of the time nothing is happening as no properly submitted application should require that time to assess. Also what other things - like number of allowed subclass visa from a specific place (i.e. Philippines) are available. By the way, have you got it or still waiting?
  2. Hi, you have to answer to this question. Both options have their pros and cons. If you can handle being away from your loved one(s) for extended period of time (LDR) then offshore might work better as they require less information, but still substantial and you need to think of how to prove communication. If you want to be together then either of you have to travel (cost, tiring, etc.) to consider. If it is more important to be together while the visa grant is processed, then go for onshore. Of course it also will depend on your situation whether you can choose either options. No matter what you choose, it will take a long time, expensive, frustrating and requires work, even if you employ an agent / lawyer to help you. Hope this helps a bit I am talking from experience waiting for an SC300 for 17 months now
  3. HI, We submitted our application - via a MARA accredited agent in Phils - in May 2018. Recently - about 3 weeks ago - while my fiancee was here on her second 3 months tourist visa - we were asked fro updated information of expired documents (2 for her and the Marriage celebrant letter, no 4 so far). The agent still cannot tell / say when the approval will be given and just advises us to sit back, keep busy and wait (brrrgh). We are now in our 17th months of waiting. Anyone has any timing experience for PMV 300 visa from Philippines? It would be greatly appreciated.
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