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  1. We have included all our addresses in each country we lived in to avoid any questions on the gap. We have also included all visits back to Australia when we lived overseas - around 15 in the 10 years we were away.
  2. The PR doesn't expire but the travel facility does. In theory you can apply for an RRV after the travel facility expires but if you haven't moved to or lived in Australia by that time it may be harder to get. You will need to show strong ties to Australia and maybe explain why you didn't move in the appointed time. Once you get the visa (which in your case should be straight to the 100 visa) you will also get an "enter by" date, which is require to activate it. This is typically within 1 year from the date you got your medicals and police check though I understand this sometimes has some leeway. In either case, you must enter Australia by that date but don't need to move yet. The travel facility is then valid for 5 years (not sure if that is 5 years from award or 5 years from the day you enter the first time). Given that it will likely take at least a year before the visa is awarded that would give you to ~2025 to move there if you submit today. Once you live there the RRVs to enable travel should be easier. On the migration agents, some offer consultations that allow them to check your submission once you have completed the paperwork yourself. A lot cheaper and can give some peace of mind that you have ticked all the boxes.
  3. Is your wife in Australia with an expired visa? In that case she could be in some trouble, and the only advise I would have is to consult a professional ASAP.
  4. The spouse or partner is the sponsor.
  5. Hi, I have a question with the application form that I hope someone can help with. The 309/100 Partner Visa application form asks for declaration of the sponsor's previous relationships, but the definition of what to include is a little unclear. I was reading this as meaning a de facto relationships but my wife thoughts it might include any serious relationship. The exact wording of the question is: Sponsor's previous relationships Has the sponsor been in any previous relationships with persons other than the applicant? When clicking on the question mark to clarify the question it says: Give the name and details of any person the sponsor was in a committed relationship with, including marriages and same or opposite sex de facto relationships. My wife (the sponsor) was in a 5 year relationship through uni but although long and clearly exclusive, it was still dating only (ie not defacto and not living together or making any explicit future commitments). This is now about 17 years ago. Would she need to declare this relationship? Probably not a big issue either way but thought I'd double check.
  6. The problem I see is that the government has no guarantee you would maintain this insurance once PR is granted, so I am not sure how much that assurance is worth. It strikes me that a consultation with an RMA who can give you an honest assessment of your chances is time and money well spent before dropping the visa application fee.
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