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  1. Whats your bloody problem? İf you cant answer my question dont comment. Yes I am aware its not completed as a form its online. Who are you to judge my post or question? Im not here to impress you. Piss off and look for posts your happy with. Dont need your suggestions
  2. Firstly there is no need to be utterly rude! You are not here to judge others! If you dont have anything proper to say, dont say it! AND No it has not always been the partner! I personally know of cases where the sponsor was someone else!
  3. So in the past I am aware of people having sponsors other than the australian partner. Especially others who were financially well off. On the form 47sp the australian partner is referred to as the sponsor. Once the form is completed you need to fill out another form for sponsor. my question is, does this form need to be filled out by the australian partner or like in the past can someone else be sponsor? Or now there is only one sponsor and that is the australian partner?
  4. Hi, Can you translate supporting documentation that needs to be translated yourself? On the immi website it states that if in au it must be done by naati in any other country translator must write their name, occupation, address etc. it also states documentation does not need to be certified anyone have info on this?
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