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  1. What if the docs are in any language rather than English? We have our property deeds in Vietnamese. Do I need to get them translated?
  2. Bookmarked. Yes, I am totally confused with the step by step on the immigration website because there is not really a list of document. Thank you for sharing.
  3. I didn't know that. Glad ours had no problem, except taking the photos took all day because they were only a few days old and couldn't open their eyes lol
  4. Thank you for the advice. I have no problem to travel to Australia to activate the PR status but I have read that if within the 5 year validity, if I don't live there for 2 years (730 days), it may be hard to get the RRV and there is no way I will be able to have lived there 730 days by 2025, more likely just 1 year. So I opt for waiting another year or so, that will certainly give me more time to live there. Re agents, yes, I will look around for that service. I thought they only do it in a package. At the moment, I am reading up and haven't really wrapped my head around the paperworks necessary. Living in Vietnam, a lot of things do not meet with requirements, like... we don't received paper invitations (postal workers here just throw them away), banks do not allow joint-account if my husband (foreigner) doesn't have a labour contract (and he doesn't) so it's mainly my account, utility bills have only 1 name on it... that sort of things. I definite need to read a lot more and I am glad we have time to do so.
  5. I talked to a lawyer few days ago and she informed me the new law is not in effect yet but soon will be, maybe within this year. She could have said that to just pressure us into applying now. We are in no hurry (cause we won't be able to move soon) so we haven't applied but if you don't want to wait, try to apply asap.
  6. Our children were born in Singapore to Australian father and Vietnamese mother. My husband immediately registered our children with the Australian embassy in Singapore and got their passports as soon as we could take decent passport photos of them.
  7. Congratulations! That's such good news. We have been married for almost 20 years & have 2 kids but will only be able to move to Australia in middle of 2024 (almost 5 years from now) so I have researched about when the best time to apply and your news gave me some insight. Thank you for sharing the news.
  8. I also read somewhere else, definitely makes sense to wait (though at a higher cost): "Once you have recieved your PP from the Australian high commission office with a visa stamp on it, your PR status starts from that day. Its valid for 5 years & you can travel in and out of australia indefinitely. BUT there is a catch. In order to renew your PR upon expiry , in those 5 yrs tenure its mandatory for you and joint applicant (if any), to live in australia for a period of minimum 2 yrs. Otherwise you will have trouble renewing you residency and will not be eligible for citizenship".
  9. I just talked to a friend, who were given the 100 right away as she also had a long relationship with 2 kids. But that was 10 years ago and she somehow missed her date to get the RRV (she's still living in Vietnam). She thinks her whole PR thing is invalid now. So maybe to be safe, I will apply by 2021. It would help my travels in and out of Australia with my son studying there from 2023 on I think. He's an Aussie too, it's likely that he will find work and settle there. To be absolutely sure, my husband will try to get some advices from the Embassy here. It's quite a process and I am still trying to wrap my head around it. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
  10. That's wonderful information. Thanks so much. Did you mean you received the 309 OR the 100? On immigration website, it states that the 309 is valid for 12 months only.
  11. Thanks, that clears it up. I will wait then. I understand it will cost more but can't be as much as we have to move now . Some people told me it's valid for 5 years and could be extended for another 5 years. Not true? Or can I go to Australia to activate the visa 309 and then leave and apply for 100 from outside too? Just exploring my options. If you could point me to the link to all these info, I would be much indebted.
  12. Thank you for your reply. Yes, my husband left Vietnam after the war, when he was just 9 years old and has been an Australian. He doesn't even have Vietnamese citizenship any more and I have to sponsor his visa in Vietnam now. But if we get the visa Subclass 309, do we have to move to Australia immediately or can we wait for a few years? We can't move until mid 2024, when my daughter finishes high school in Vietnam (long story but it's how our situation is). That's why we are hesitant in applying now.
  13. Hello, I am Vietnamese and have married my husband for almost 20 years (only 2 months short of 20 years now) with 3 years of dating before that. My husband is a Vietnamese - Australian. We met in Vietnam when he moved back here for a job. Since then, we lived mostly in Vietnam with a 5 years in Singapore due to his jobs. We have 2 kids and our son wants to attend university in Australia in about 3 years. We have planned to move back to Australia after our youngest (daughter) finishes her high school in about 5 years. I myself have only visited Australia on visitor visas a few times. Though it seems we have time, even if the new law (of pre-approved sponsor) comes into effect, we would like to know if we apply for visa subclass 309 now and if we get approval, how long is that visa valid? I read that I need to move to Australia to activate visa 309 and visa 100 won't be granted otherwise but I can't do that before my daughter finishes high school. I guess my questions are a) should I apply now? and b) where do I get a list of documents that I should be submit so I can start gathering them? c) will my husband long time overseas affect the application? Unfortunately, though our relationship spans over 2 decades, we don't keep letters (there are none I think because we have always lived together) or invitations or anything pre-digital age due to our many house movings during our marriage, except wedding photos and very few other evidences. d) Is it worrisome? I have initially talked to some agent, got a quote of $7k for their fees (of course on top of the over $7k payable to Australia government) but they kind of clamped up when I told them that we may not log the application immediately. They said they would guide us when we decided to log. e) how much is the average agent charge? Thank you for reading and for any advices.
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