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  1. Hey, @AussieDude thanks for taking the time to answer my question! Yeah I hold a passport from the given countries. I am also bellow 30 years old, and in general as you very well pointed out, I have looked into this list and made sure that I am qualified for the visa. Does this answer your question?
  2. Greetings to you alll 👋, I am a Software Engineer and I am about to apply for 462 Visa but I have heard that you have certain limitations when you land in Australia with it. The goal I am going for, is that I would like to work for a year (maximum two) in Australia as a Software Developer. It would be amazing if someone who has been there before with the same Visa or someone who has better knowledge, give me some feedback on the subject. For instance: Is it valid that you have to change employee every six months? Is there a better option that I could explore, given that I have a masters degree and I am have working experience for 4-5 years now? Is there some service I can call that they can explain to me a little bit better what I should be doing? Thanks so much for your time and help. And please excuse me in case the place or the question is in an innapropriate place. All the best, Christos
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