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  1. Hi, me and my Australian partner are looking forward to apply partner visa 820. We been living together 1.5 year oversea and I followed him back to Melbourne with holding a tourist visa since September 2018, in and out the country for multiple time. The consultant advised us with 600 extend tourist visa in the month of June and apply de facto + partner visa 820 once he stay longer then a year in Australia ( which is now September 2019 ) We extended my tourist visa till tomorrow ( 19 September 2019 ), We’re planing to apply the 820 today because we thought the Bridging Visa A will be active once we submitted the application.But it I read a few articles online saying that it took 5days for them to receive the BVA after submit the 820. What is the best for us now? If we couldn’t apply the partner visa today, I probably will leaving the country tomorrow 😟
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