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  1. For Partner visas, the applicant's Form 80 is required for character assessment. The Form 80 can be downloaded off the Home affairs official website.
  2. Hey there, Regardless if you're working or not, you can still demonstrate the financial aspects of the relationship by highlighting certain transactions in your husband's bank account or credit card statements that are relevant to you. For instance, if you guys had shopped for things such as women's clothing and shoes, and they were paid for by your husband, you can demonstrate these sort of transactions in your statements. Another example is if you had been to a ladies salon and paid for it with your husband's card, then you can highlight that too in the statements. You can also provide additional proof of the spend at the salon by things such as a phone call you made to the salon to book the appointment, or any sms or email you received from them confirming the appointment. Makes sense?
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