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  1. Hi No interview but at the end of the application, I received an email to book an appointment to take my passport and visa application paper etc. Then after about a week I guess I got the visa. It didn’t take so long. hope you get your visa and fly to Australia soon, Fathiya
  2. It was just to double check as I got an email confirming that my visa is granted thanks a lot
  3. By the way, official paper or certificate from work that states you are employed and where other details of employment is mentioned (e.g place of work etc) is enough. it should be in English, but if it’s in another language, you need to get it to a translation center or where a translation can be done properly into English. You can upload both original and the translated copy in the attachment page. Hope that helps Fathiya
  4. Hellooo If visa is granted, it means it’s just ready and nothing else right???? answer me please
  5. @AussieDude very important I received an email for the appointment for fingerprints etc. I should bring with me 1. My Passport 2. A completed and signed visa form 3. Printout of the checklist for the visa type being applied for. Do they mean I have to printout all the Visa pages and sign it? Also, what is 3? I can’t understand it? Which checklist??? hope to hear an answer soon, Thank you so much
  6. Hello @AussieDude Is there a direct phone or email address to contact the Visa people to notify them of new update or any changes ? Thank you Fathiya
  7. Thank you so much Aussie for every answer and every effort you do in helping everyone in this forum. Actually, It’s the first time to use the forum so apologies if any asked repeated questions or posted each question in a separate post. got all the questions answered and Iwill go through them again to check but couldn’t find the original « birth certificate” I just have a copy of it but still looking for the original copy. can I attach the copy till I found the original copy and then send it maybe let’s say a week after submission? what’s your advice please thanks a lot again
  8. How’re you? Regarding the above question, the applicant can give an estimate of the amount of money he will need during his short visit in Australia, right?
  9. Hello Regarding the question, “Is this application being lodged as part of a group of application?Yes/No? If two two family members are traveling together, is it better to creat a group? Thanks a lot
  10. Hi all, May I know please if a two-way flight ticket can be an evidence for “intent to return" question in the application? What other documents can support this please?
  11. Does it have to be a very formal stamped translated version? Or I can translate the general content of the certificate? well, it’s very complicated to translate... Well do I really need to include a birth certificate? Other documents like passport, ID, driving license are in English and already attached. can I just not include the “Birth Certificate”. I never included any birth certificates in any of my travel visas!!!! help please
  12. If one of the documents is issued in Arabic and no English copy for it, can I attach it? Well, this means I should write the name in this case in Arabic as it has to be written as in the document! confusing!!!
  13. Thanks a lot for your support ok I will. I posted other questions and I hope you see them and answer them if you can I will really appreciate it thanks a lot
  14. Hello, I have already mentioned passport and ID details in the application. there’s another question that says: « Do you have other national identity documents? » So my questions are: 1- Is it important to include other documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates etc? 2- Do I need to mention the ID again here? help please thanks a lot
  15. Hello, if I intended to attend a conference and have few days to visit the place. So It’s Business Visitor Stream??? thank you
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