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  1. Hi I need your help please, in the visa application, I provided details, dated and location of the conference. But on the same page, I should have « Organization address » so, does this mean I need to find the name of the organization and it’s address ( the organization that runs the conference right?? thanks a lot
  2. Hello, Does a tourist have to be sponsored to travel to Australia? There’s a question in the application on who’s your sponsor? stuck with this question!! help please thanks a lot
  3. I see! It’s about being out of the country for more than 3 months
  4. Hi all, So, is the applicant’s studying abroad can be included when answering this question of the application, pleases? « In the last five years, has any applicant visited, or lived outside their country of passport, for more than 3 consecutive months?« Thanks a lot
  5. Ok thanks a lot for your reply
  6. What if the error is not serious and all the basic information regarding travel and personal information are all correct?
  7. Hello all May I know please I can edit some information after my submission for the visa application? thanks
  8. Hello , I’m flying to Australia for tourism; visitor’s visa. In the visa, there’s a question that asks something like : Who sponsors me??? Well I am sponsoring myself and there’s no option for this! other options are: sister, brother, etc Can I just choose randomly a sister or a brother? I mean nothing that says « I’m sponsoring myself »!! please help
  9. Hello So, I'm applying for a visitor visa and will stay for about 10 days in Australia. I came to this question that says something like "who sponsors you?" Well, I'm funding myself; I'm not sponsored! I can't understand this question please help! I tried to choose "myself" but no option that has my choice.... Can I just choose "sister"? confused hope to hear from you very soon, Sincerely
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