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  1. Hello, I was hoping to get some help in relation to someone I know. They are 71 years old and a New Zealand Citizen. They moved to Australia in 2009 and are still working (unfortunately!). They are wanting to apply for citizenship (or even permanent residency first). I saw that they are able to apply for citizenship be conferral being over 60 here: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/citizenship/become-a-citizen/person-60-years-and-over#HowTo but that they had to have been here from 2001. They travelled to Australia nearly every year due to their spouses family being over here, so it is possible that their passport is stamped that year with the special category visa 444. There was also the option of applying for permanent residency first for a NZ citizen but they earn under the income threshold. I am trying to help find some other option for them, would anyone have any advice? Thank you so much in advance
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