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  1. Hi. Thanks for the reply, I thought it may work like that but was unsure.
  2. Hi Our case manager contacted me about some extra paperwork. When we receive it we will attach it to our immi-account. My question is, will we need to contact our case manager and let her know it has been uploaded, or does the immi system somehow notify her new documents have been added. Steve
  3. Thanks for the reply, it's food for thought.
  4. Our problem is that we deleted all correspondence as we went. Once we decided to apply for this visa all evidence of our communication was gone. We cant show any communication whilst being apart.
  5. Just wondering how much evidence you had of communication between the two of you. I have been with my wife for 5 years, we used yahoo messenger and Viber to chat over the years. Both of those systems you cant retrieve old messages, the bulk of our communication was done by using those apps. We have some emails, and some chat records but not a lot.
  6. I have done two tourist visas for my VN wife. They are mainly concerned with her returning to VN. If she has a good job, some money in the bank and someone in your family can write her a sponsors letter, she should be ok. Do the visa online,it's very easy, dont go through an agent.
  7. Is the Bpay link now operating on the site?
  8. Anh dep


    Thanks for the advice, we shall check the bookings to make sure those items are listed.
  9. Anh dep


    Thanks for the reply. Yeah the bookings are genuine and we only use authorised govt translators. I can understand your point as where I live fake is a major issue.
  10. I see documents that are to be submitted must be translated into English. We have some hotel and resort bookings in Thai and Vietnamese, how much needs to be translated. I would presume just the main parts, dates,names and room style, etc. Would this be enough,as there is a bucket load of nonessential info on the documents that just relates to the hotel. TIA
  11. Hi In relation to the Form 888, I am overseas and I am getting my form 888 done by friends in Australia. Do I need to have the original witnessed form 888 and the persons ID sent to me overseas, or can I have them sent via email and use the printed copies. TIA
  12. If I am overseas and my form 888 is being done by friends and family in Australia, do I need to have the original form and identification documents that have been witnessed sent to me overseas or can I use a copy of those documents. TIA.
  13. Anh dep


    Thanks, your second post was much clearer.
  14. Anh dep


    Hi. I think you missed my point. Im asking if I paid the fee now, is there a time frame to have it all lodged. Some blogs I have read have said you can pay the application fee now and submit all your documents at a later date. Yes/No?
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