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  1. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi In relation to the Form 888, I am overseas and I am getting my form 888 done by friends in Australia. Do I need to have the original witnessed form 888 and the persons ID sent to me overseas, or can I have them sent via email and use the printed copies. TIA
  3. If I am overseas and my form 888 is being done by friends and family in Australia, do I need to have the original form and identification documents that have been witnessed sent to me overseas or can I use a copy of those documents. TIA.
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    Thanks, your second post was much clearer.
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    Hi. I think you missed my point. Im asking if I paid the fee now, is there a time frame to have it all lodged. Some blogs I have read have said you can pay the application fee now and submit all your documents at a later date. Yes/No?
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    Hi I'm new to the forum and would like to ask my first question.I have just started looking into the 309 visa for my wife. Upon paying the application fee, is there a time frame that the lodgement of all information has to be done by after payment I read on a blog they recommended paying the fee as soon as possible to be in the system and not waiting till you have all your paperwork in order. Is this correct? TIA 😀
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