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  1. UPDATE Went to see my Lawyer today. Lodged my PMV Visa last June 30 2019 but the Status is still Recieved. It's been 8mos now whew. Goodluck to us.
  2. Applied using and Agent here in Australia. But im from the Philippines
  3. Hello applied using Agent for my PMV Subclass 300 last June 30, 2019 and still didn't hear from my Lawyer. Patient is a virtue. Ps. I'm in Australia at the moment for 3 mos.
  4. Good evening to all of you. Can i apply for a bridging Visa while waiting for a decision of our Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300? Currently I'm in Australia under Tourist Visa 600. Thank you
  5. I'm referring to and on the Spot Interview. Yes i have got my Visa granted and print it out. I was just wondering if they will still interview me at the Airport. Thank you
  6. Good morning everyone, I'm just curious about my trip next Sunday to Australia. Does the Immigration will conduct and interview to me as this is my first time to be in Australia? Thank you and God bless all. Merry Christmas
  7. Yes normal due to peak season. I lodged my Subclass 600 October 7 aprroved November 9.
  8. Just and Update my Tourist Visa has been granted last November 9. Visa conditions 8101 - No work 8201 - Maximum three months study
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