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    Birth certificate

    So we could apply and attach the document to show it’s in process? Awesome thank you
  2. We are waiting for my husbands unabridged birth certificate to come from South Africa (already been waiting since June) but we are wanting to apply for partner visa onshore ASAP as the new laws are coming in at an unknown date... can we apply without his unabridged and use the document they sent to us to show it’s in process, this document also shows his parents names and his details just like a birth certificate would?
  3. I have a drivers license and a birth certificate as well as my passport, so do I just use my license number and passport number? I don’t think there’s an ID number on my birth certificate though?
  4. You’ve been amazing thank you! One last thing haha when we are filling out the part where we list our immediate family, do we include each other’s parents and siblings as in-laws or is it not necessary?
  5. Another thing, we are going through the application and where myself (sponsor) fills in my details, it asks if I have any other identity documents like birth certificate, drivers license, and asks for an ID number for those things, but I’m not sure they have one?
  6. Just wondering where it states on the website that you need your sponsorship approved before they can begin the application process? I must of missed it!
  7. The cost of the visa, it’s just slightly out of our reach and as my partner is on a tourist visa at the moment, it’s only me working so one wage makes it a bit harder to save. We are planning on applying as soon as we come into the new year!
  8. Thank you! I was just concerned that these changes with the sponsorship law may effect our application but if we are still fine then that’s a relief. We just don’t have many options of places we can go if we have to leave Australia if the bridging visa can’t be done.
  9. I have been.... to be honest the website doesn’t exactly give all the details of the process and this is the first I’ve heard of this sponsorship form, we saw an advisor 2 months ago and this was never mentioned as part of the process. We were going to apply in January so by the time my partners tourist visa expires in May, he could roll over onto the interim visa while we wait the 2 year process. But now I’m guessing this will be effected if we have to wait for myself as the sponsor to first be approved?
  10. Is there anything myself as the sponsor needs to do for the application? Any supporting forms I need to fill in?
  11. Thanks for your response. We were lucky and weren’t given the no further stay condition so we were looking at applying onshore. We just wanting some advice from others that have been through the process as it’s quite daunting to us!
  12. Hello guys! I’m currently in the process of beginning a partnership residency application for myself and my husband. I’m Australian and he is South African, we have been in a relationship for 3 years and married for 14 months! He is currently in Australia with me on a tourist visa that expires in April 2020 and we are wanting to apply for residency January/February! We were told we would go onto a bridging visa once his tourist visa expires as long as the application has been received by immigration. Does anyone know how long that takes and has anyone got any advice for us?
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