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  1. Yes I'm a pakistani national. I completed the form earlier also i rechecked the old form thoroughly no question was left unanswered. Any how I'm completing it again now in the new form ill add the recent travel tour to pakistan as i went to pak on 13 july and came back to uae on 8th September. And i have applied for Pakistani pcc also let's see after submission what they further ask for. I'll let you know. Thank you so much mate for your time, really appreciate it. I'll be in touch with you once i arrive in Australia maybe in future. 😉
  2. Let me clear it. Im a uae born pakistani national. I don't have the nationality of uae as per their law they don't give you the nationality or passport. Now the pakistan thing is, if you check on the website for character requirements they say that if in the last 10 years you have spent 12 or more than 12 months in any other country than you need to provide the pcc for that country also. My concern is i have spent time in pakistan almost 3 years but that was before 2006. Well i have no issue in providing the pcc of pakistan i just want to confirm it. And in the form 80 there is no such thing related to pakistan. What would you suggest? Should i resubmit the form 80 ?
  3. yes i have spent time in pakistan, i have a pakistani passport. im resubmitting the form again but in the previous one also i did not left anything incomplete well im just worried about the pakistan thing i assume that they are asking about the police clearance certificate for pakistan?
  4. Hello everyone i submitted my 476 visa on 11th dec 2018. And yesterday i got an email from Australian immigration that they require more information to assess my application. I'm attaching a pdf document for which they have asked me to provide them. I applied from United Arab Emirates as i was born here and im currently living here. They have asked for Personal particulars for character assessment-pakistan which I'm confused what they actually asking for? The Form 80 which is mentioned there i have already completed it and attached it at the time i applied. Can anyone help me out with this?
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