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  1. Hi Friends, I am sathish kumar staying in the regional area. I got my 489 regional visa recently and migrated to one of the regional area specified. As per details given in the homeaffairs for 887 Visa (PR) i need to complete atleast 2 years of stay and atleast 12 months of full time work experience in the regional area. Whether the evidence for work (1 year) and stay (2 years) need to be from the date visa granted or since i got 4 year visa i can provide the evidence within that 4 years. Can anyone please clarify the doubts. Many thanks in advance. Sathish
  2. I am holding skilled - regional sponsored (subclass 489) visa. I am not able to find specific dates on the visa it says i need to move to the regional area, however i contact the visa office in centralwest and they advised within 3 months time i need to re-locate but for the work they didnt say anything.
  3. Hi I am currently working and staying in Sydney and applied for 489 regional visa. I received my visa and would like to know the timeline for me to move to the regional area. Also can i still continue my existing work in sydney until i get a job in regional area even after moving to the regional area. Did anyone had similar case or know more details about it. kindly share your thoughts and feedback.
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