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  1. Thank you for your reply! Sorry I don't know my way around this forum so I didn't see this sooner. This is good to hear, since that means I don't have to accept my offer immediately, and when I do, I will be able to obtain enrollment without much trouble (the uni accepted prior study in Australia in the Enligh language as fulfilling the language requirement), and then apply for the visa whenever, irrespective of the 'expiry' of my prior study qualification (best case). My concern is, if I accept the offer ASAP, but my visa application somehow cannot be submitted until after, say Dec 31 2019 (the course end date on my previous CoE is 31 Dec 2017), do I risk my application being rejected for not showing current proof of the language requirement? Or will it get delayed until I can produce valid proof (retake the test, wait for results, etc.)? ie what is the worst that could happen from submitting an incomplete application (if DIBP deems my previous qualification and current enrolment insufficient proof)? Thank you again! I have checked 'notify me of replies' so I will see if you reply this time.
  2. I completed a 2-year Master's degree in Australia in Dec 2017. I am considering accepting an offer to commence further studies in Australia in 2020 (78 weeks, coursework). My IELTS certificate (overall band 8.5) expired in 2017 so I would like to know if I can apply for student visa (subclass 500) without having to re-take it (I was able to get by without producing this for the university application by showing proof of previous study in English language). The English language requirement for student visa includes the following exemption: in the 2 years before applying for the student visa, you completed, in Australia and in the English language... a substantial component of a course leading to a qualification from the Australian Qualifications Framework at the Certificate IV or higher level, while you held a student visa. For my previous degree, I received my results on 1 Dec, graduated mid-Dec, and my CoE lists my course end date as 31 Dec 2017. Of these three dates, which one is the 2 years limitation counted from? i.e. What is the latest I can submit my visa application this year and expect to be exempted from the English language requirement on the basis of this my previous studies? I would like some more time to consider my study options. Giving myself time to decide, accept the offer, receive a CoE, etc. until when would I be able to submit a visa application without evidence of the English language requirement other than having completed a degree in Australia in 2017? Or shouldn't I risk any delays from submitting an incomplete application and just re-take IELTS? THank you!
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