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  1. Hi guys, My husband and I recently lodged the 820/801 visa application and paid the fee. We're currently in the process of uploading documents. My question is what chance does our application have of skipping the temporary visa step and going straight to permanent residency? I know it probably comes down to the proof we upload, but say we do have a good amount of proof. We've been together for 7 years and married for 3 of those years. I lived with him overseas for 6 and a half years before moving back home to Sydney. His here with us on a bridging visa, we share 2 children together a 2 year old and a 1 year old both born in NSW. Would we have a chance of skipping the temporary visa step and be granted a permanent visa?
  2. hi charz0, I recently lodged the 820/801 application for my husband only a few days ago. I was confused about that sponsorship application too. The Australian immigration website had a little diagram that lists the steps of the process, and it didn't say anything about the sponsorship application so I didn't do it LOL. Our application was very rushed, we decided 2 weeks before my husband's tourist visa expired to apply for this visa. So I can imagine you would be in a better position then I was. But this was my experience it might help you. I recommend applying for the police checks now as it can take a few days. You should try gather all your documents prior. As for the medical checks through bupa, I tried to book online before paying the fee but wasn't able to. After I paid the fee they ask you to complete a medical check and issue you a referal letter to take with you to that visit. But in saying that I did read about other people being able to do these checks before applying I'm not sure how they did but I'm sure you can find out how somewhere on this forum. As for the evidence the police checks and medical checks are mandatory as evidence. The good part is the bridging visa is granted right after payment, So you'll have a bit of time to get those done or you can upload proof that you've applied for these checks and just waiting. After payment you'll be sent an email about being granted a bridging visa. Then you can begin uploading. Hope this helps, all the best
  3. Thank you for your response, it's been a big help!
  4. Hi my new to the forum, I'm about to lodge my 820/801 application for my husband, this is an onshore application. I'm aware that after making payment online your automicatocally directed to a page that allows us to upload documents. Is the bridging visa granted after making payment or after submitting documents?. It mentions that after making payment the application goes through to the Australian government. But I'm not sure if that means the bridging visa is granted directly after payment. We are still awaiting documents from overseas and my husband's tourist visa expires on December 9th 2019. If someone has any clue on this please let me know. Thank you in advance!
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