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  1. I haven’t been told of any other visa that he would be entitled to and really don’t want to wait nearly 3 years for him to get the visa and paying that much money for them to possibly reject it after waiting so long isn’t ideal as we want to get down there ASAP as I’m due another baby next year and I would rather get there before hand, do you have any links on permanent resident visas at all thankyou for your advice 😊
  2. Application status: Finalised Applicants daughters name (27 Oct 2013) - Acquired Important information This application for Australian citizenship by descent has been finalised. The department may contact the applicant about next steps in this application for Australian citizenship. Application history Type Date Action Application submitted 23 Aug 2019 View application Application fee paid 23 Aug 2019 View receipt This is what mine said and it was approved and recieved my papers within a week!! hope this helps
  3. Yes im more than sure that my childrens one said the exact same a few months ago you should recieve the papers in the next week or two!!
  4. I was born in australia and would really love to move back!! me and my partner have two children who are now also citizens would my partner be eligible for the working holiday visa to move to australia or will the fact that we have dependants effect him when entering aus? we want our best options as we really dont want to have to wait up to 2 years for him to maybe not get accepted for the spouse visa reason to why im looking into the working holiday one! Please any advice would we would be very greatful for as we really want to move to aus ASAP before baby no.3 is due!!
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