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  1. I have already provided police clearance certificate of her country on 26th of June 2019. After that she came to Australia on visit visa 02February 2020 and still in Australia. Now according to their statement do I have to again obtain Police clearance certificate?
  2. I got an email today from the immi regarding my visa. They wrote my visa is in progress 😁. Did you get any mail from them?
  3. I applied from Bangladesh. Average processing time for Bangladeshi is 12-15 Months.
  4. I noticed that time change on my immi account today . Hope we will get a good news soon. By the way you applied from which country?
  5. My wife is here in Australia with a subclass600 (Sponsored) visitor visa . For Corona Virus its not possible to go back her home country. So we applied for a no further stay waiver application. Today we got reply and they withdrawn the no further stay condition. Now we can apply for new visa . Now need suggestions for which visa we should go and what others documents we need to submit. Her current visa will expire within 10days. (I also applied for a partner visa for her offshore in April 2019 which status is "further assessment" on immi account) Thanks in advance
  6. They granted my visa today Thanks everyone . 😁
  7. Applied from Bangladesh and yes this my first time. What about you?
  8. Called them and they said to wait at least 90days!!!
  9. Applied Visitor Visa Family Sponsored (Subclass600) On November 12 and today is 2nd January yet my Visa not granted!!! At the time of application it showed on my immi account processing time is 25-30days but on December 15 it changed to 35-45days! Suggest me what I can do about it? Is there any way to contact with them? I applied by myself online. Please help me providing some information.
  10. Yes family sponsored. Please keep posting update.
  11. 80days? Omg!!! I thought its just me in long waiting period! I submitted my papers online and on my immi account its shows that it would take 30 to 40days.
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