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  1. My partner is an Australian born citizen but also holds British Citizenship. I received a notice for more proof when I already submitted his Passport that says "citizen" on it. They've asked for "a copy of his citizenship certificate or citizenship registration if such citizenship was acquired by descent". His passport was acquired through decent but was never given a certificate for citizenship. I have both birth extracts of his parents to prove the lineage. Do I need to apply to the UK government for a citizenship certificate or would the parents lineage be proof?
  2. I just received a notice for more proof of my partners citizenship. I provided a birth extract for him and his passport and they still wanted the full birth certificate.
  3. Hi there, I just received a request for more information for my 309/100 visa for health exam, police clearance and birth certificate/citizenship proof for my AU partner who has 3 citizenships (making it complicated for the case officer likely). Question- I already completed my health exam in feb 2020 and it was updated in my visa portal as complete - no action required. In this request, it says health examination list but then beside each for example: Medical examination (completed). Then it says later - "If a health examination is listed as 'Completed' this means that there is an existing examination that can be re-used for this visa application. You will not be asked to complete this examination again unless a repeat examination is required because your medical circumstances have changed or the examination has since expired." Why would it request more information for a this when it's already been done and cleared within the past 8 months? 2. I uploaded my partner's passports for British, Canadian and AU as well as his birth extract for AU. They've requested a full copy of the citizenship certificates also and a full birth certificate. Has anyone else had issues with a partner having more then 1 citizenship and trying to get this information offshore? For anyone wondering, I applied for 309/100 in November, 2019 from Canada and was contacted today by a case officer. Thanks in advance for anyones similar experience!
  4. Congrats! Questions for you - where did you apply from where it took only 10 months? Did you front load all your documents - medical/character etc or did the C.O have to ask for further info? I lodged mine in November 2019 and am going to complete the medical and character by February to hope for an easier approval! Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Thank you so much, this makes life so much easier!
  6. Thank you. Do you know if all of our supporting personal documents (passport, birth certificate, drivers license) is required to be certified?
  7. Hi, uploading my documents to my partner visa application online. I'm confused why there is the normal 5 sections as defined by the application (financial/social/commitment/household/development of relationship) but then there also sections to upload - evidence of length of de facto, evidence of living together, evidence of contact while apart, evidence of relationship. Wouldn't all these seperate sections already be covered under the 5 main segments and the evidence I would upload would be a repeat of evidence already included in the first 5 sections? Could someone advise me on what they did with their documents- upload the same multiple times over or can we leave these sections empty if the evidence is already provided elsewhere . ex. evidence of living together is covered tenfold under financial and household. Thanks!
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