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  1. Hi, We lodged our app from the UK in November '19. However, we have not heard anything regarding a case officer, etc., despite having been very organised and thorough with our uploads. Regarding the medical: do I wait until a case officer gets in touch to proceed? Can I fill out the questionnaire element? (We prob jumped the gun by having police reports done--I realise that they time out after 12 months). Thanks, F
  2. FERUK

    Form 80

    Hi guys, 2 quick questions about Form 80, which I hope that someone can answer: Q24: Are you applying for a temporary VISA? - As we are applying for a 309 offshore, am I right in ticking the 'Yes' box as it is a temporary VISA? Or is it considered a permanent VISA as we are technically applying for a Subclass 100 at the same time? Q42: Do you have a partner? - My de facto partner is an Aussie, so am I right in thinking that I tick the 'No' box when it asks if she is migrating with me? Thanks, F
  3. My partner and I are getting literally everything we can certified at the Post Office in the UK, including bank statements. We are probably being a bit too pedantic! Birth Cert: I ordered a certified copy, which only took a couple of days. In my view, there wasn't any need to do anything further by getting another certification. Passport and Driver Licence: Yes, I would definitely have them certified. Question about photos: can anyone give me some advice on how I am to present the 2 scans of my passport photo? For example, who can sign/certified? (The PO wouldn't). Thanks, F
  4. FERUK

    Subclass 820

    Thank you for the advice, SammyJ 😀
  5. FERUK

    Subclass 820

    Hi all, My partner (Aussie) and I (British) have just submitted our Subclass 820 from the UK. This weekend, we are going to start scanning and uploading our docs. I am sure that couples have shared their experience before on this forum, and helped one another along on what is going to be a lengthy process. However, I am going to keep everyone up-to-date on anything notable that I learn! I have a few questions, which hopefully someone can answer: 1. I am having some trouble figuring out who can certify our docs in the UK. What professions will the Aus immigrantion dept accept? Is there some info on an Aus Gov website? 2. Has anyone suffered with anxiety or depression in the past? In my case, I had anxiety around the time of a family bereavement. I was not on the meds for very long, I stopped taking them/seeking treatment around 4 years ago. Has anyone got any experience of going through the medical with past conditions? If anyone has any questions about how we prepared our written answers, docs, etc., then please drop me a line. Thanks, F
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