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  1. The employment reference letter provided by my employer does not state that I am a full-time employee and I work for 40 hrs every week. Will it be accepted by ACS? Per ACS checklist: Employment references must contain: 1. Start & Finish Dates of Employment - if currently employed, your "finish" date can be written as the "To Date", but the job reference must have the date when it was written or it will be assessed as not suitable. 2. Description of Duties Performed - required to determine the relevance to the nominated occupation 3. Hours worked - Full time or Part time including number of hours worked per week 4. Country where Employment was Completed - if you have worked with the same company in different countries, the job reference must have the dates and locations clearly specified. 5. Company Letterhead and signed by the author (author’s name, position title & contact details should be stated)
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