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  1. Hi guys I opened a subject on another topic on partner visa clarification and found the comments super helpful so would be great to have your help again I am French and I have a 457 sponsorship visa (Procurement) which expires in Feb 2021. I have been wondering about changing job recently and changing company. However when talking to recruitment agencies they were quite concerned about the process itself. I consulted a lawyer on this who reassured me, but it would be great to have your thoughts on what he told me to follow : 1) Check if the company is registered as a sponsor 2) Check if the company has properly communicated the job offer (not very clear about this??) 3) Once I get confirmation on the eligibility, quit my current company 4) Work with the new sponsor to gather the documents and lodge the transfer application within 60 days, which is the time I have left in my visa after termination with my current employer to find a new sponso 5) Wait for the visa transfer to be granted which can be weeks to months (I wasn’t clear on the period??! Does this seem ok to you? Is it a risky approach? Many thanks again for your help
  2. Very clear!! Thank you so much for your advice
  3. Sorry I am not clear. If I’m complying with the exit clause of my current visa which states the 60 days, am I still out in this case? In other words do I have to stay until Feb 2021 with my current employer for the bridging visa A to work? And if I do anything to terminate earlier than Feb 2021 my sponsorship the bridging visa A will become invalid? Thank you!
  4. Ok noted thanks for clarifying. It’s much clearer now! If I get the bridging visa A and decides to quit my company after, then according to my 457 I have 60 days to either find a new sponsor or leave the country. But in this case I could just stay after quitting and use the bridging visa A, would this work?
  5. Great thank you so much!! From the moment I lodge the application for the partner visa subclass 820, I understand I will be automatically granted a Bridging Visa. Will this supersede my current sponsorship 457 once the Bridging Visa is granted? My sponsorship 457 expired in Feb 2021. I may look for another job if possible so good to know in advance Thanks again for all the very quick and helpful feedback
  6. Hello Thanks for the help. I am French and my partner is Spanish. Yes the lawyer was registered with MARA. No I do not have the 8503 on my current 457. The only conditions appearing are the 8107 on work limitation and 8501 on maintaining a health insurance. Well when I asked the lawyer the best way to join the PR of my partner, he told me to do the whole process of quitting my sponsorship, go on tourist visa and come back and do the partner application in Australia. From what I understood from him there wasn’t an option of staying in my current visa and lodge the partner visa onshore. That’s why I am confused 🙃
  7. Hello Thank you so much for your insight and warning me about the 8503 condition... Ill look for a second advice indeed. One last question, my partner has the 186 visa. Can he ask for me to be added directly, and avoid me doing all the extra steps? Many thanks
  8. Hi everyone Looking for advice on the best way to proceed on this one...thanks a lot ! I currently have a 457 sponsorship visa until Feb 2021 (Procurement). My partner just got a PR 186. We are together since almost 3 years but do not live together because of our works. However we share an account, have pictures together with families and can get people to testify for us. I looked for advice with a legal firm on how to get a partner visa and the lawyer advised me to do: 1) Quit my current job to exit my sponsorship 2) Go abroad and ask for a tourist visa 3) Come back to Australia and then do the process of applying for the partner visa 4) From the moment we lodge the application, get the bridging visa and wait for the PR The lawyer seemed very confident this would work. However I’m really concerned about the cost and exiting my sponsorship without having warranties!! Has someone had similar experience? Many thanks
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