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  1. So if we apply for a partnership visa, does this then allow her to live in Australia?
  2. Thanks. What is condition 8503, and can we apply for a partner visa, we aren't married. Been together 3 years though. Appreciate the input.
  3. Big panic yesterday. My Thai girlfriend landed in Brisbane and got the third degree by some immigration officer. Said she has been coming to Australia too much on a visitor visa and not spending enough time outside of Australia. Quizzed her about what she was doing in Australia, where she was staying, who was supporting her etc. She told the lady that she was staying with me and also done so on every other visit. In no uncertain terms the lady told her that if she came back again without spending more time back in Thailand she would probably get her visa cancelled. Can they do that? She also said that as she was in a relationship with an Aussie she should apply for a partner visa. Really worried as she will be here now for 3 months and then we will both go back for Songkran. Plan was for her to then come back in May for another 3 months. Really worried about this now. Any suggestions team??
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