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  1. Hi there, i got invited for 190 visa and going to submit document in the IMMI account. Previously when i declared in my EOI , my point is 75 because the latest change in november on the point system grant person with "single" status 10 points and i had already secured the state nomination. However i am going to get married by end of next Feb 2020, if i update the status now to "engaged" or "fiance", will it reduce by 5 points and might void the invitation ? My marriage date is after the invitation submission date as the document compilation and submission will be completed in Jan 2020, so technically at this point in time i am still single in the eye of law. Now the ultimate question, should i declare my status as "single" still or "engaged"? What are the possible implication? if i put myself as single now , will it be very difficult to get spouse PR for my fiancee in the near future? Note: The breakdown of my point is as per below age - 30 points english skill - 10 points skilled employment - 5 points education - 15 points Partner skill "single"- 10 points state nomination - 5 points total - 75 points
  2. may i know what is the Non-migrating members of the family unit means? i have parents and sibling that is not migrating , and not interested to. do i answer yes? but i also read elsewhere that family unit means spouse and children, am so confuse.
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