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  1. My partner is on a BVA. Only because of Covid otherwise it would have been an offshore application. She needs to go back to Singapore as she has work obligations - these were on hold due to work from home globally due to Covid. Can she get 4 months BVB? Effectively she is still an offshore citizen and needs to be back to ensure she doesn't lose her job. Can she get 4 months and then come back? Thanks in advance
  2. Can someone in the know please respond to this - I'd be keen to find out the answers as well. Thank you
  3. Likewise, Good luck! I assume with all the 'evidence' more is better? Do I need to show multiple evidence of bank accounts or bills together or is one enough? I have 100's of photos of events and whatsapp chats from 7 years ago highlighting everything they are after. The form 80 character doc is required even though it just repeats everything in the application?
  4. great, that is really helpful, thank you. So we put in the application now. she will get a bridging visa A - no need to apply apply for BVB if / when she needs to travel overseas. Bridging visa likely to be for 2 years before the 820 comes through
  5. My partner of 5 years was going to apply for 309 Partner Visa, but Covid-19 sees her in Australia for a month already now and her work is happy for her to stay here until it is all over. As such, we are now looking at a 820 Visa but I need some help understanding the BVA please. 1) She is Singaporean, tourist visa (1 year) expires in November but it only allows for 3 month visits at a time. 3 months is up June 17th. 2) If we apply now - does she get a bridging visa on June 17th (or around then)? 3) The bridging visa (as far as I understand) will confer the rights of the 820 visa - so work and medicare are ok? 4) She would need to request approval to leave Aus once on the bridging visa. This would be for work. As far as I can see this isn't usually an issue at all The 820 was never viable because of her work requirements but with work from home that has all changed. It seems like a no-brainer to switch to 820 now that she has to stay here. What am I missing? Thanks in advance
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