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  1. Hi all, does anyone here got experience to find a new employer under 457 visa? i would like to know Is there easy to find ? how many years or months have you left when you changed your employer? and where have you found your new employer? Seek? LinkedIn? any information could help , thanks Best regard, kelly
  2. Thanks for your information.so I will keep my current insurance until my 457 visa expired.
  3. Hi all, i am about to apply 820 visa. I am holding 457 visa currently and under the condition 8501 which must maintain adequate health insurance. currently I am paying my health insurance per week since I have been in Australia. as I know I could apply for Medicare after my 820 visa lodged. could I cancel my own health insurance, as the Medicare could cover my health insurance. thank you in advance. Best regard, kelly
  4. Hi Anna, my case is very similar with you. That I am holding my 457visa and going to do my partner visa. i have heard something like you that quit the current job and cancel the current visa and back to my own countries and apply for offshore visa and tourist visa. And I have the same concern like you. Why I need to quit my job and out from the country and apply tourist visa and lodging the offshore visa. i have found an immigrant agent, she told me I should keep my current job and apply for the on shore visa that is what I am doing now. the bridge visa a will active only when the 457 visa expire. I hope it is helpful for you. cheers, kelly
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