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  1. Thank you for your advice and help on this matter!
  2. Thanks AFV, So this would mean that as long as I keep renewing my RRV each year and make sure I go back to Australia at least once every 5 years and have sufficient ties to Australia I should be able to keep renewing my RRV?
  3. Thanks for the additional information AFV. So in this case would a trip back to Australia on a RRV for a holiday meet the requirements for "not been absent from Australia for a continuous period of 5 years or more immediately before the application for the visa"? The main reason why I would like to know this is because I do not have a "compelling reason for the absence".
  4. Thanks for the reply Aussie_83. I read the requirement about the 1 day in 5 years on this agent's website. (yes I shouldn’t believe everything on the internet!) https://www.myaccessaustralia.com/resident-return-visa/ In regards to my substantial ties, my wife is Australian and upon talking to an Immigration officer last year I was told that this was a substantial connection with Australia that would most likely grant me the RRV. So I guess my main question is whether I can keep renewing my RRV each year from overseas so that if in the case of an emergency I can fly back without any problems like my PR vis been overridden.
  5. I am currently living outside of Australia and hold a RRV (5 year travel validity) that will expire towards the end of the year. My wife is Australian and I have been back to Australia last year for a holiday but not lived in Australia for 2 of the 5 years needed to be eligible for a 5 year RRV. I plan to be overseas for a few more years and was wondering whether it is possible to keep renewing my RRV each year as long as I meet the 155 visa (for 1 year) requirements. I know I will be going back for holidays at least once every 2-3 years so would that mean I would be able to keep my RRV indefinitely as long as I keep renewing it each year? I have no compelling reasons to be outside of Australia but I believe I would be meeting the "at least been in Australia for 1 day in the last 5 years" requirement for the e 155 visa for 1 year. Also on the Department of Home Affairs website its states not to travel back to Australia when the RRV has expired because it may cause you to lose your PR status but what if you have a pending RRV application that has not yet been finalised and enter Australia? Does this in any way help me from losing my PR status? I am just wondering this in the case of an emergency and I need to fly back to Australia in a hurry. Thanks for your time.
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