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  1. Hi @Electric Sheep, the link Jackie has sent through provided the list of statements that may be requested. I won't ask my employer for the good conduct statement but my husband will as part of his application.
  2. Thanks @Jackie and @SammyJ! I've now completed my Form 80. Going to be fun asking my employer for a letter of good conduct since I was hoping to apply for this without my employer's knowledge. Oh well!
  3. Hi All, My husband and I are hoping to submit his 309 visa application this weekend. I have read conflicting information about Form 80. Is this required as part of his visa application? I will be his sponsor so do I need to fill in this form as well? Thanks!
  4. Thank you @Kin Migration!
  5. Hello, I am collating the documents and evidence needed in order for my husband to be granted an 820 spousal visa. I couldn't find a checklist of suggested evidence online so apologies if there is already a resource available that is able to guide me. To support our claim, I have gathered the below evidence: My own statutory declaration outlining the four pillars of our relationship, referencing to the photos and holiday itineraries Four statutory declarations from my Australian family and friends, supporting our relationship Collection of photos covering our relationship (2013 to current) Whatsapp conversation extract covering from 2013 to current (not sure if this is perhaps overkill) Flights and accommodation emails covering the holidays we have taken (2013 to current) Coach and train emails covering the period we were in a long distance relationship (2013 to 2016) Marriage certificate Two tenancy agreements (previous place plus current residence) Bills addressed to us at our current address (we can't find evidence of previous bills for our old residence but do have the tenancy agreement) Evidence of joint account (current bank and since we no longer have statements from our previous bank, we have provided bank statements from personal accounts paying into the joint account) Evidence that my husband is the sole beneficiary of my pension Scan photos for our child who is due in two weeks Identification documents (birth certificates, UK and Australian passports, drivers licences, change of name certificates) I have a few other questions: Is the above likely to be sufficient evidence or is there something glaringly obvious I have missed? Does he need to fill in his own statutory declaration outlining our relationship or is providing this within the online application form itself sufficient? Should we 'front-load' his medical and police checks or wait until instructed by the immigration department? Perhaps I am missing something but is the sponsor application (which I believe is due after we submit his form) just a police check for me? As our first child is due in 2 weeks, I'm against the clock to get this application submitted sooner rather than later (we only just discovered the 17 month wait time) as we're likely to be a bit time and sleep poor in the coming months. Thanks in advance for any guidance that can be provided! We're applying from the UK so not sure if that makes any difference in terms of what they require us to provide.
  6. Oh that's really useful advice. Thank you. I'd been collating photo evidence from all of our holidays together over the past 7 years. You have saved me many hours of work!
  7. Hello, I am collating the evidence that the relationship with my husband is genuine and ongoing for his spousal visa application. I've created a Word document for each year of our relationship to insert our travel photos. I am not sure if I am overthinking this but is this acceptable or do they need individual JPG files uploaded? Is this requested so they can see dates and locations of photos? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. Does my husband (the applicant) need to sign his own declaration form or is he able to provide his answers in the online form? I'm writing my own declaration but he's a bit more succinct than me. Does it reflect poorly if he doesn't write his own statement? Thanks in advance for any guidance!
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