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  1. Hello Everyone, I am working in Victoria on visa subclass 457 and my fiancee is working in ACT (190 sponsored by ACT). We are getting Married in April. By the time we are getting married, I will have almost 1.5 years remaining on my 457 visa (it was a 4 year visa) and she will be completing only 1 year in ACT on 190 visa. We are in a catch 22 situation here. Since my employer is based out of Victoria (and visa subclass 457 is discontinued) I cannot move to ACT. Since she is on 190 sponsored by ACT, she cannot move to Victoria. Applying for a partner visa is also tricky in our case because co-habitation is the primary condition for partner visa. We were thinking of options for getting 1 year stay (of the total 2 years) waived off for her so that she can move to Victoria with me. Has anyone been through similar situation before or know any email contact of immigration to which we can request to waive off 1 year? Appreciate if anyone can provide any lead on this. Thanks in advance.
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