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  1. Thanks Nehasharma. If I want to know more about my case, how can I contact you? Please kindly let me know.thanks.
  2. Respected friends, Just wondering,is there any contributory siblings visa, like a contributory parent visa? Any information would be helpful. Thanks
  3. Thanks Luke. Will contact you. Thanks again for your message.
  4. Thanks again.so no other way to get sponsor visa? No way?? Please kindly help me with this matter. Thanks. Psi:. Are you a consultant? If so , how can I reach you? I would like to know some answers. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your reply AFV. I have parents, but they are in different country.other than that, it's just me and my sister. She has her own family in australia.i live in india.i am single,no child. So any chance? Please let me know. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the reply sir.so my case is hopeless? 1) I can not go for last remaining relative visa. Because that takes forever. 2) I can not go for family sponsor subclass visa, because my educational background is very Little. 3) no other visas?? Is that my case have no hope? So my sister can not do anything towards this matter? Please help me, don't know what to do. Thanks
  7. My sister is willing to sponsor me to Australia. My case is different, some one please kindly help me. I know right now I have one option. That would be subclass 489, which is now replaced by subclass 491. In this I guess I can try under family sponsor visa. For this visa my sister has to be in designated place, but she lives in Sydney. Sydney in not on the designated list.so how she can be a sponsor.and also how is the family sponsor visa works? Please kindly let me know the system.thanks in advance.
  8. Respected friends, my sister is a Australian citizen.she is willing to sponsor me to Australia (permanently), so I am kindly requesting you to please provide me some information. I am 45 years old. Indian citizen. I am the only one brother. 1) s there any way she can sponsor me? 2) If it is possible to do, what visa would be that? Please kindly help me with this matter. Thanks
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