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  1. Dzopan

    Partner Visa

    Hi mate, did you get any update about your visa ? Covid situation changed so much plans for this year. Just a couple of questions. Did u apply as de-facto couple? Did you apply for a visitor visa for her to visit and what was the duration she got?
  2. Hi all, Since the situation with COVID happen, I will be forced to change my plans. At the moment I am living in Austria, but because of the situation I will lose my job in September. My plan was to start the procedure for an offshore visa. I have been together with my future wife for 4 years and we have been living together in Austria for 3 years. As the situation changed, without a job, applying offshore is not a option anymore. After the wedding in August, I plan to apply onshore for the 820 visa, what are the possibilities she will get the 8503 condition (no future stay ) in her visitor visa ? If in some case she does get the 8503 condition I plan to apply offshore again because of the shorter waiting time. In this case, would she be able to apply for a 1 year visitor visa as my wife, or the maximum she can get as a visitor is 3 months ?
  3. Hi Sara, After your touristic visa expired and your bridging visa started, where you allowed to work ?
  4. Dzopan

    Partner Visa

    Thanks for the informations. Could you give me some approx. prices of document translation in Austria, medical check etc. If I get stuck on something, hope it will not be a problem to text you for help. Cheers mate.
  5. Dzopan

    Partner Visa

    Thank you for the information. All the best.
  6. Hello all, Me(Australian) and my fiancée(Albanian) are currently living in Austria. We plan to move together to Australia around July. I have been reading many different forum's but I would like to get some information from someone that has passed the procedure. Since I have been living in Austria for the last 5 years and I did not have any registered earnings in Australia is it better to: - Start the procedure from outside of Australia (Sub 309). - Move 2-3 months before her to Australia find a job ( I work in IT field so should not be a problem), then get her a visitor visa, and then apply for a partner visa (Sub 820) while she is in Australia. If we start the procedure from outside, is she allowed to enter Australia with me in July or she again needs a separate visitor visa? If we decide to apply for it from Australia, when the visitor visa expires and she is staying because of applying for partner visa (sub 820), is she allowed to work in that period, while she is still waiting for a response for the temporary visa? Also do you recommend taking a Migration agent, or by slowly following all steps, it's possible to do it all alone without big stress? Hopefully someone has the accurate information for me. Thank you guys upfront. Cheers
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