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  1. how do you apply if not online? or do you have to apply for a different visa?
  2. Can anyone help with the steps to take? From what I understand, if you do not hold a visa to travel to Australia you need to: 1. Apply for an ETA 2. Apply for Request to Travel (immediate family member of Aust citizen) If you are granted an Australian ETA - does the first 3 month period commence on the date the ETA is issued, or on the date you enter the country? How soon after the ETA is granted should you submit the " Request to Travel"? How long did you wait for your request to be approved? Was your request successful? What documents did you submit to support proof of your relationship? thanks.
  3. Does anyone have an answer to this: Once the temporary partner visa (subclass 820) has been issued, can you still work online for your overseas employer? thanks.
  4. HI Again - can you clarify something please? Once the Partner Visa Subclass 820 has been granted, can he continue to work online for his UK employer? I can't find any information on the Home Affairs website regarding this. If you know of a link, that would be great. thank you, Lisa
  5. Hi again - I have more queries. Some more background first. My daughters partner is a Portuguese citizen. They have more or less decided to apply for the partnership visa onshore because of the offshore restrictions regarding work. They will both resign from their jobs in London, they are travelling to Italy & Portugal prior to arriving, approx 3 months. Plan is to arrive here in September. As such, they will not have permanent addresses or incomes when they arrive here. It is possible my daughter will have a job as she intends applying before she leave the UK & has good connections here in Brisbane. They will live with us until they have enough income & can afford to rent & obtain rental references. due to high cost of living in London, child care expenses, maternity leave, paying for their airfares, they will not have much in the way of savings They are not intending on booking return flights. There seems to be lots of people saying they got their Partner visas onshore, but haven't stated how they explained being in Australia on a visitor visa when they applied. Questions: Should he apply for an e-visa subclass 651 or a Visitor visa subclass 600? What is the difference? If he applies for an e-visa (eligible as he is Portuguese) is it ok to apply for the partner visa as soon as possible after arriving? As e-visa is for tourists, strictly speaking it is dishonest if he enters as a tourist with the intention of applying for a PV. Would this affect his Partner visa application? Should they book a return flight for him so it appears he will be a genuine tourist? Will that look strange if he has a return flight booked, but she & their child do not? What is the likelihood that he would have the 8503 condition on the e-visa? If he is granted an e-visa 651 without 8503 conditions, when he enters the country, if he is asked, does he simply state he is on holiday visiting his partners family? As he will not have proof of income, or a permanent address, what is the likelihood this will this trigger further questions that could prevent him from entering the country? If they decide to apply offshore (they think they are a month away from having all the paperwork ready) is there any way he could be granted permission to work while waiting for the visa to be granted? apart from the loss of income, he is going to go crazy waiting here with nothing to do 12 months or longer. Thanks again.
  6. Hi - how long did it take for the temporary partner visa to be approved? Which country did you lodge through? Thanks.
  7. Hi Sara, did you apply for your partner visa while your were living in Australia? if so, what type of visa were you on at the time of applying?
  8. Hi - I would be interested to know where your visa was processed too? thanks.
  9. Thanks for the information. I have just spoken to my daughter. We didn't realise that the BVA is not granted if you apply offshore. However, if he applies onshore, he will automatically be granted a BVA that allows him to work because he is applying for the partner visa, are we interpreting that correctly? They are a bit reluctant to abandon the offshore application & wait until they arrive in case the legislation changes. The reason for applying offshore is that the processing period is supposedly a lot shorter. Is that your experience also? it's six of one, half a dozen of the other situation. He either applies offshore, has a supposedly shorter wait time for the temporary visa, but can't work, or applies onshore, waits longer, but is allowed to work.
  10. Hi - my daughter is sponsoring her de-facto partner. They have been living together for over 3 years and have one child. They live in London, & applying for the visa offshore. She is Australia born & their son is an Australian Citizen. Due to the length of time it is currently taking to have the visa granted, they are concerned about how they will manage financially once they are here. The plan is for them to live with us until they get jobs, but they are keen to move into their own place & start their lives here. They plan on arriving in September 2020. He will have to apply for a tourist visa & then a bridging visa. My question is, is he legally allowed to continue to earn income in London by working remotely for his current employer? He would continue to pay UK taxes etc. Or could he establish a business in the UK & invoice his former employee ? would this affect his partner visa application? Any comments or advice are greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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