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  1. I don't understand why you need a new Ecoe. It should still be valid. Your student visa was refused for not satisfying clause 500.212 and this has nothing to do with your Ecoe. Can you perhaps contact the University and ask them to re-issue another one? In any event, as AFV has said, your student visa refusal notice detailed why the decision maker was not satisfied that you met the criteria for the grant of a student visa based on the application you previously submitted. You can apply again, but you MUST be able to adequately address ALL of the reasons for the refusal. If you can't then the outcome will not be any different.
  2. Yes that is correct. You only need State Police Clearance for each State in which you have lived for at least 3 months for the last 12 months. If you haven't lived in the United States in the last 12 months you will only need an FBI clearance.
  3. Nothing on that website is genuine. Including the business address in Sydney which is a unit block.
  4. I agree withe courts interpretation too, just ironic thought that her lengthy period of stay in Australia as an unlawful non-citizen made her eligible for a condition 8503 waiver.
  5. Looking forward to another one of your contributions Thai Visa Express.
  6. What this decision also tell us is that the longer you stay in Australia as an unlawful non-citizen the greater you chances become of satisfying a condition 8503 waiver. If the applicant had applied soon after arriving in Australia she would not have been successful, but her remaining 6 years in Australia as an unlawful non citizen changed that.
  7. @Papion please do not alter another members posts in the manner you have. It makes the feed look very sloppy. Simply quote and reply as you have seen @Nightcall do many times. We have very few rules on the forum, but that is one of them. Good luck with your appeal.
  8. I have read over the previous posts many times. I think the decision to refuse the citizenship application was the correct decision based on the application of the relevant law and the facts that have been posted.
  9. If you have a history of previous Australian visa compliance, generally Condition 8503 is not imposed. However you won't know until the visa is granted. Unless of course it is a visitor visa under sponsored family stream. In this case condition 8503 is a mandatory condition. I would recommend applying for a visitor visa first and then assessing your options after that.
  10. I totally agree with AFV here. It will come down to how you present your visitor visa application. The fact that you are in a relationship with an Australian permanent resident, but you departed Australia prior to your student visa expiring (previous visa compliance) will carry a lot of weight. A strongly worded letter of support from your partner is essential.
  11. It's just the vibe of the thing. 😀
  12. Then you must be offshore at time of application. There is no error here.
  13. I am not following you here sorry. Did you start the application process prior to arriving in Australia? Can you please try and clarify your situation?
  14. It is not at the appeal stage yet. The AAT have given the Department 14 days to to advise whether they oppose the applicant's out-of-date application for review. If the Department opposes the application then it must be decided by a hearing. If they do not oppose the application, it must still be determined by the AAT, but it can be done on the papers. This is still only at the stage as to whether the AAT can review the original decision which the applicant is seeking review of.
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