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  1. Come and visit us in our office in Pattaya, Thailand.
  2. She should provide as much support evidence as you have which shows that she satisfies clause 771.212(a). A covering letter is a good idea, but actual evidence should also be provided.
  3. @Electric Sheep you clearly live a very unhappy life, are you lonely? No other member in the forum rants, just you. No problem with refunds from us. We work on a no visa no fee. We are fully invested in the success of the outcome of all visa applications we submit. We won't submit an application unless we believe it meets the criteria for the grant of the subclass of visa applied for. We don't get refusals.
  4. Best course of action would be a formal complaint to OMARA.
  5. As AFV has said, unless you receive a request to provide, then you must provide within the stipulated time frame.
  6. The Por Kor 14 simply provides that she has sole custody of the child. It doesn't provide that she has the sole decision to allow her child to migrate permanently to Australia. The Department of Home Affairs will not accept just the Por Kor 14. She will either require the written consent of the father or a court order allowing the child to migrate to Australia. A few years ago we did have success with just the Por Kor 14, in not dissimilar circumstances to your wife's, but we did provide police reports and evidence of an order that she had preventing her former partner from approaching both herself and her child due to concerns of their safety. This was accepted by the Department. If we can be any assistance here, please do not hesitate to contact us directly: Thai Visa Express
  7. To apply for a partner visa in Australia, she must be in Australia at time of application, on a current visa, which does not have the condition 8503 no further stay attached to it. Secondly, to apply for a partner visa, at time of application, you both must be legally married or in a de-facto relationship at time of application, and meet the required genuine relationship criteria which can be found in the Migration Regulations. Based on what you have posted, there is currently no partner visa eligibility. Your first challenge would be assessing whether she meets the genuine temporary entrant criteria for the grant of a visitor visa. Here is some further info here: How to get a Visitor visa for my Thai girlfriend to Australia? We are a visa agent based in Thailand. If we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us: Australian visa agent in Thailand
  8. We are an offshore agent. We aren't registered, and we are not required to be. We have represented hundreds of clients in obtaining partner visas, pmv's, visitor visas. I have lost count of the number of times an RMA has contacted us trying to engage our services when they are clearly out of their depths, commonly when they need help with Thai penal checks or identifying or understanding the relevance certain Thai documents: tabien ban, por kor 14 to name just a few.
  9. 100% correct. We covered this recently here too: How much money do I need for an Australian tourist visa?
  10. First of all you need to determine eligibility. Please feel free to contact us at Thai Visa Express. We would be more than happy to offer you a free visa assessment. You might also want to read a very relevant post on this exact topic that was posted by us in May of this year: De-facto visa for Thai partner to migrate to Australia
  11. Your girlfriend should take this warning very seriously. The frequency and duration of her previous visits to Australia has raised suspicions that she may no longer have an intention to visit Australia as a genuine temporary visitor. This has also been covered here: How many times can I visit Australia on a visitor visa? A visitor visa is not intended for the holder to maintain residence in Australia through the use of multiple visitor visas. Exactly how many times has she visited Australia in the past, frequency and duration etc? You might want to consider a permanent visa option for her at this stage.
  12. Very good points posted here by AFV and Aussie_83. The application is about her, and not you. She is the one that needs to satisfy the genuine temporary entrant criteria. Also you cannot "guarantee" that she will comply with the conditions of her visitor visa if granted. Without a thorough background and assessment of your girlfriend's circumstances, including evidence of your relationship together, I cannot really add any more than what has been previously posted here. Here are some related posts that might be of assistance to you: How to get a Visitor visa for my Thai girlfriend to Australia? My Thai girlfriend was refused a visitor visa to visit me in Australia, can she reapply? We are a visa agent based in Pattaya Thailand. Please feel free to visit us at our office or contact us directly by email. We offer an absolutely no obligation free Australia visa assessment. We would be more than happy to look at the previous visa refusal and advise on the prospects of success of a fresh application. Just be mindful, that when applying again after a prior refusal, it is essential that the next application adequately addresses the reasons for the refusal. If it doesn't, then is unlikely that the result will be any different. Contact Thai Visa Express at Pattaya visa agent for Australian visa applications
  13. To be granted a visitor visa, applicants must be able to evidence that they have adequate means to support themselves, or access to adequate means to support themselves during the period of their intended stay in Australia. A person who is an independent traveller staying in hotels would be expected to have more funds than a person who is staying with friends where accommodation and meals is being provided. See also related topic: How much money do I need for an Australian tourist visa?
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