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  1. There is no time limit. If you hold a substantive visa, you can make a valid application at any time whilst you do.
  2. What are you grounds for seeking a condition 8503 waiver? I think you will struggle getting another visitor visa unless you spend at least as much time out of Australia as you have in, in the last 12 months. From what you have posted, it would appear that you are currently on a 12 month visitor visa which ends in August 2019, and you have been in Australia since October 2018. You are approaching 10 months in Australia. I'm pretty confident that if you apply again now or in the next month or so you will be refused. However, there is certainly no harm in applying.
  3. A claim for protection will be subject to a thorough and lengthy assessment process. You might want to get some professional advice on your prospects of success and your potential liability to repay an accruing debt of AUD$165K. My advice would be to apply for a partner visa offshore. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Australian Family Visas if we can be of any assistance
  4. If the partner visa application is not successful, your partner will not be granted a partner visa. However, this will not impact on your PR (remaining relative visa). Please do not hesitate to contact us at Australian Family Visas if we can be of any assistance
  5. As you are from Canada you and your family members would be eligible for an ETA visa. An ETA allows the holder to study up to 3 months. Without knowing the specifics of what your internship involves, this is the best answer I can give.
  6. There is no problem at all with you applying for a visitor visa whilst you are in the Philippines. However, your reasoning behind wanting to apply there doesn't make any sense, given that your status there is a visitor only. Please do not hesitate to contact is directly at Australian Family Visas if we can be of any assistance
  7. Don't be confused. You have been granted Australian permanent residency. (the subclass 100 visa). The Department has the discretion to grant the subclass 100 immediately after the 309 visa where the relationship is long term. This is a great result. It also means you do not need to do the second stage processing for the permanent visa, as you now already have it. All permanent visas have a travel facility attach to them called a Resident Return Visa which you must renew every 5 years if you wish to travel. This post explains what an RRV is: Do I need a Resident Return Visa?
  8. The subclass 100 is the permanent visa, well done! Hope it all goes very smoothly for your cat (from a fellow cat person)
  9. Congratulations on your subclass 100 visa grant. Were you granted the 309 and then the 100 immediately after? As long as you make the first entry by the date you are required to enter by, you can then depart again immediately after then if you wish. There is no requirement for your partner to enter at the same time. Your subclass 100 visa allows for multiple entry travel. On a side note, can I ask how difficult is it to being your cat to Australia, and where from?
  10. After you advise the Department that your relationship has ended, they will contact your former partner to confirm this. They will then advise her that her visa may be cancelled and whether she wishes to make comment as to why her visa should not be cancelled. Due to privacy reasons the Department will not advise you of the outcome.
  11. You need to notify the Department that your relationship has ended.
  12. The 'exceptional reasons for extended stay' is a recommended upload, and therefore not apply to your length of visit.
  13. Please do not use upper case. Also I have changed the title of your post to reflect the question you are asking. How long do you want to remain in Australia? What are your reasons for wanting to visit Australia?
  14. AFV

    Substantive Visa?

    If you are on a tourist visa and it does NOT have Condition 8503 attached to it, you can apply for another visa whilst in Australia, such as an onshore partner visa. The second part of your question ("And how can a tourist prove some assets") I'm not sure what you are asking here,
  15. Currently the application needs to be submitted and the visa application paid. Then the sponsorship can be submitted after that. The sponsorship will require a transaction reference number that you wont have until the application has been submitted.
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