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  1. The Migration Act and Regulations make no mention of a registrable offence. For a sponsorship to be not approved on character grounds, the sponsor must have been convicted of a relevant offence, and that relevant offence must amount to a significant criminal record which requires the person to have been imprisoned for 12 months or more.
  2. I simply can't tell you whether you meet the de facto criteria based on one sentence, however, it sounds like you have done your research. With regards to photos it is a matter if quality over quantity. If a photo has evidentiary value then include it. You should provide enough evidence that you have been in a de facto relationship for at least 1 year from date of application.
  3. I would not recommend uploading photos individually. Add them to a Word of PDF document and give them a description. As you only have 15 photos I would suggest one document and underneath each photo you can describe the photo. Just remember that each upload cannot exceed 5MB. A statement can be written or typed. Just remember to sign and date it. What actual evidence do you have of being in a de facto relationship?
  4. Just adding to this. Some people mistakenly believe that just because they have submitted a partner visa application, this will guarantee the success of their visitor visa application. This is absolutely not the case. A visitor visa and a partner visa application are assessed on entirely different criteria, and where a person is applying for a visitor visa during the processing of their partner visa application, that application is yet to be tested. Therefore if you are seeking to have weight attached to the fact that you have submitted a partner visa application, you should submit enough supporting evidence as necessary that show that prima facie you meet the criteria, and by this I don't mean evidence of character, medicals etc, buy enough evidence that you are in a genuine partner relationship.
  5. Can I ask why you think they might refuse the tourist visa?
  6. Welcome to the Australian Visa Forum, Do you know whether you meet the de facto criteria? How long have you been in a relationship with your partner? Also if reside in either NSW, VIC or QLD you may be able to register your de facto relationship, which means that the minimum 12 month relationship period does not apply. You still need to evidence that you are in a de facto relationship, but it does not need to have been for 12 months. See also: De-facto visa for Thai partner to migrate to Australia
  7. A partner visa application might be prioritised where you can demonstrate compelling and compassionate circumstances. You will need to make a request for priority processing with the visa office where the application is being processed and provide evidence to support your claim. There is no guarantee that the application will be given a higher priority as other applicants might have equally or more compelling and compassionate circumstances. All you can do is try. Good luck.
  8. Indeed, but a family book or similar doesn't necessary always evidence where they reside.
  9. The immediate family members need to be included in the application. However this does not evidence that they reside in the Phillipines. As per my previous post we usually include this in a submission which we include with all the applications we submit.
  10. Are you the applicant? Or are you providing support for someone else? Where is the applicant from?
  11. It is a bit hard to provide actual evidence of immediate family members, but they are included in the actual application itself. When we submit a visitor visa application for a client we address family ties in a submission.
  12. In what context, is this a visitor visa application?
  13. Welcome to the Australian Visa Forum, The requirement that a sponsor for a family visa be pre-approved before an application can be submitted has not yet come into effect. It is not yet know how long the sponsorship approval will take place once it is in force, and only time will tell. Are you in a position to move back to Australia now and apply in Australia? Also does he have a visa for Australia yet? I would not rely on any statement that offshore partner visas can be granted in 6 months. From my experience this is extremely uncommon. We submitted an offshore partner (subclass 309) visa earlier this week for a client and the current advised processing is between 15 to 20 months from date of application.
  14. If a person is on a subclass 309 visa, the subclass 100 can be granted whilst they are in Australia or offshore (clause 1129(3)(d)(ii) Schedule 1 of the Migration Regulations). Clause 1129(3)(e) provides than an "application by a person claiming to be a member of the family unit of a person who is an applicant for a Partner (Migrant) (Class BC) visa may be made at the same time and place as, and combined with, the application by that person".
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