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  1. I have deleted the link from your post. The link you have posted is to a third party company that processes AFP checks. They are nothing more than an agent that charges more for the exact same service that can be done online directly through the AFP website. Here is the link to the AFP site where you can apply for an AFP name check: AFP National Police Check
  2. If the relationship is long term, the Department has the discretion to grant the permanent partner visa immediately after the grant of the temporary partner visa. Note: It is a discretion, doesn't mean that they have to.
  3. Welcome to the Australian Visa Forum, There is nothing that you can do to speed up the process. They delay may have something to do with IMMI being down for most of the weekend, and again this morning (Monday) for several hours. You still have plenty of time until you travel. All the best.
  4. The starting point for any subsequent visitor visa application after a refusal is a thorough examination of the reasons for the refusal. As Thai Visa Express has said, if you cannot adequately address the reasons for the refusal, it is unlikely the next outcome will be any different. In nearly all cases where a visitor visa has been refused, it is because the applicant has not satisfied the clause 600.211 criterion.
  5. No that is irrelevant. If she is entitled to work, then it is not of concern. Did you mean 820, as there is not subclass 620 visa.
  6. It sounds like you had the misfortune of dealing with a particularly nasty immigration officer. Welcome to Australia! Firstly, there is absolutely nothing wrong with visiting your boyfriend on an ETA. An ETA can be to visit family members in Australia. You are not banned from applying for another ETA. It would appear that the immigration officer had doubts as to whether you still held an intention to visit Australia as a genuine temporary visitor only, and was looking for a way to cancel your visa. Your frequency and duration of travel to Australia might have prompted those decisions. How long have you spent outside of Australia in between visits? The statement that you will be detained if you return again is concerning, and if I was in your position I would be making a formal complaint in writing to the Department.
  7. As your visa does not have Condition 8503 you can apply for another visa whilst in Australia, and this includes another visitor visa. However at time of a application the amount of time you have spent in Australia on your current visa will be a deciding factors as to whether you still me the genuine temporary visitor criteria.
  8. A partner visa application is assessed on entirely different criteria to that of a visitor visa. Even though you have submitted a partner visa, it is yet to be assessed. Any visitor visa application MUST meet the genuine temporary entrant criteria. If we can be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at Australian Family Visas
  9. AFV

    BVA kick-start

    Welcome to the Australian Visa Forum, If you have been married for 11 years and you have a child together, you have nothing to worry about with regards to meeting the partner visa criteria. When you apply for the partner visa in Australia you will be granted a Bridging Visa A, but it will not become active until your current visitor visa ends. You can still travel to/from Australia on that multiple entry visa. However if you remain in Australia (after the 3 month period of stay) the Bridging Visa A will then become active. The Bridging Visa A then allows you to remain in Australia until a decision is made on your partner visa. If you want to travel outside of Australia during this period, you must apply for, and be granted, a Bridging Visa B before you depart. This will allow you to re-enter Australia. You then remain on the Bridging Visa B until your partner visa is granted. Any further travel outside of Australia during this period requires another Bridging Visa B.
  10. There is no other visa, you already have applied for the PMV and you have been granted a visitor visa which is valid through to March 2020
  11. Just be mindful that processing is currently 15 to 20 months from date of application. Police checks and medicals are only valid for 12 months. For this reason it is always advisable to do them when requested by the Department. If they expire before the visa is granted, they need to be done all over again.
  12. Great news. When did you apply for the visa?
  13. I would suggest waiting until you receive the police clearances. When did you submit the application?
  14. Clause 2.03A of the Migration Regulations provide that you must have been in a de-facto relationship for at least 12 months immediately preceding date of application. Whilst living together is common characteristic of any relationship, it is accepted that people may have to live apart for a number of reasons. Section 5CB(2) of the Migration Act provides that the applicant and sponsor "live together; or do not live separately and apart on a permanent basis". However in assessing whether a couple are in a de-facto relationship you must also look at the criterion that is taken into consideration by the Department. This can be found in Clause 1.09A of the Migration Regulations and I would advise anyone applying for a de facto partner visa to read this clause of the Migration. The above is the best answer I can give you. It is impossible to tell you whether you would meet the de-facto criteria based on one paragraph. One a side note, depending upon what State you are residing in Australia, you may want to consider registering your de facto relationship. Not all states allow for this, but if you can register your de facto relationship the minimum one-year relationship does not apply. Whilst you still need evidence the Clause 1.09A criterion, it does not have to existed for at least 1 year. More info here: Exemption from the one year relationship requirement for de facto visa Please not no hesitate to contact us at Australian Family Visas is we can be of any assistance
  15. If an applicant applies for a visitor visa but intends to make a further visa application in Australia (whether this intention is stated or not), this does not necessarily indicate that the applicant does not intend a genuine temporary stay and is not a reason in and of itself to refuse the visitor visa. If the Regulations allow an application to be made in Australia by an FA-600 visa holder in Australia, s65 delegates should not be seeking to block this pathway. In addition, an intention to apply for a further visa in Australia does not necessarily indicate that the person will not leave Australia before the FA-600 visa ceases. The question to consider is not “will this person apply for a visa in Australia” but rather, “if this person does not apply for another visa in Australia, or if they apply and are refused, will they abide by the conditions of the visa and will they leave Australia”. The answer to this will help to determine if the applicant intends a genuine temporary stay. The above is from the Departments policy manual (PAMS3). It relates to subclass 600 visitor visas, but it would be the same for subclass 601.
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