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  1. Did the refusal notification provide a statement of reasons why clause 771.212(a) was not satisfied?
  2. Some of our members are very reputable offshore visa agents. Please just keep it civil. Not much to ask.
  3. Not your post, it was a response to @Electric Sheep
  4. All documents should be provided in a timely manner.
  5. You are pushing the boundaries. You are making unsubstantiated claims against members of this forum. Next out of line post will be your last.
  6. If a valid partner visa application is made onshore, then once submitted a Bridging Visa A is granted, but will only become active once the current permitted period of stay ends. The Bridging visa A has no restrictions (other than travel) and allows the holder to work in Australia. The purpose of the Bridging visa A is allow the holder to remain lawfully in Australia until a decision is made on their partner visa application. You are correct offshore processing is generally quicker, but applying onshore has the advantages as outlined above. It is really comes down to an applicant and sponsor, and what suits their circumstances. Some people are prevented from applying onshore, for example, their visa may have condition 8503 attached.
  7. You can cover all areas in one statement. However, both applicant and sponsor are required to do their own statements.
  8. Yes you can. You can just type something like along the lines of "Please refer to applicant (or sponsor) personal relationship statement', which you can then upload. Many people choose to do this.
  9. Is your sister you last remaining relative. Do you have any near relatives that live outside of Australia (parents, brothers, sisters, children)?
  10. The visa you have referred to is a skilled visa. Have you satisfied yourself that you meet ALL of the eligibility criteria, apart from just having an eligible relative sponsor.
  11. Firstly, there is no bridging visa eligibility here. A bridging visa allows a person to remain lawfully in Australia after they have made an onshore application. To travel to Australia during the processing of the offshore partner visa, he would need to be granted a visa which permits him to do so, such as an ETA or a visitor visa. These do not allow the holder to work whilst in Australia. However based on what you have posted, his activity would not be considered work. Work is performing an activity in Australia a person would normally be remunerated for. This could be payment or some other form of reward. These activities are not considered work: volunteer work doing work online for your job in your home country studying in a university outside Australia and the activity relates to your study and is credited to your course seeing how people work in an industry short-term domestic or caregiving activities for your family member Lastly, be aware that he must be outside of Australia at time of decision on his partner visa application.
  12. As Aussie_83 has said, we can only comment in relation to the brief information you have provided. I too think you will struggle with regards to satisfying the GTE.
  13. As others have responded, there is absolutely no need to provide anything from your, or the sponsors employer. In fact, it is none of their business.
  14. Does you mothers current visitor visa have condition 8503 on it. If not, submit another visitor visa application.
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