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  1. Is it still true cannabis is not tested for in Australian visa medical? I smoke on the reg. 

    1. Flemingo


      It should be fine. They only test TB and HIV. 



  2. That is indeed some very dodgy advice indeed. In order to get Condition 8503 waived, since the grant of the visa (to which 8503 is attached) the following MUST be satisfied: since the person was granted the visa that was subject to the condition, compelling and compassionate circumstances have developed: over which the person had no control; and that resulted in a major change to the person's circumstances. With regards to his tourist visa application, I suggest you include as much evidence as necessary to show that he would return prior to his tourist visa expiring.
  3. You may encounter problems obtaining a tourist visa given that you have been in Australia for the last 2 years on what is basically a tourist visa with work rights. If you can apply in Australia, I would suggest doing so there.
  4. If the application is prepared properly it would have every chance of success. If your intention is to apply for the partner visa as you have stated, why not apply for the partner visa now, and then a tourist visa during the processing of the partner visa.
  5. You will not needs to include all of the evidence that shows how long you have known your girlfriend. However you will still need to include a letter of support outlining the support you are offering her and evidence of your ability to provide that support. We have seen many refusals where people in a similar situation have put in a sub-standard second application thinking that they don't need to be so thorough.
  6. It is very hard to comment on individual cases, as we don't have a detailed knowledge of the background of the applicant and what was submitted with the tourist visa application. Can you provide these details, without including any personal identifying information.
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  8. Usually 3 months from date of decision. That is, the applicant must enter by that date. Totally depends on the visa granted though. Just check all the details on the visa grant notice.
  9. Congratulations on a very speedy outcome. Without seeing the actual visa grant notice, it is hard to comment. The visa grant notice will provide the following information: The usual conditions (must not work, must not study more than 3 months, and whether it is subject to Condition 8503) Whether the visa is for single entry or multiple entry Maximum period of stay per entry (Note: If form high risk country and no medical requested/undertaken it will be 3 months) The date the visa expires. This is the last day on which the visa holder can enter Australia on that visa.
  10. Hello Simplesam, Thanks for the update on your tourist visa application. Be guided by the status updates on your Department of Immigration account and any requests for further information, such as requests for a medical etc. With respect your friend is making statements that are totally inconsistent with Australia's visa and immigration rules. If a person is from a high risk country and they apply for a tourist visa requesting a stay of more than 3 months, then a medical (radiological) test will be required. A high risk country is any country that is not eligible for an ETA visa. Whilst I am not sure what country you a from, some example of high risk countries are Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines.
  11. Sorry Compiler, I am a little confused. Al I can tell you (based on years of doing applications for Thai's) applications sent to the Embassy cannot be tracked online. If you submitted by mail, then there is no tracking. I will stand corrected if someone can tell me how this is possible.
  12. As she is from a high risk country (a high risk country is any country that is not eligible for an ETA visa) she will have to apply for a subclass 600 visitor visa. The chance of her visitor visa having Condition 8503 attached are extremely high. What is Condition 8503 (No Further Stay) Condition 8503, often referred to as the "no further stay condition" mean that whilst in Australia the visa holder cannot apply for any other visa. in order to apply for another visa they must depart Australia and apply outside of Australia. It effectively prevents the visa holder from changing their visa status in Australia. Based on what you have posted, I think at this stage you should be looking at a prospective marriage visa. Note: This is an offshore visa with no onshore equivalent. To apply for this visa, the applicant must be outside of Australia at time of visa application and time of decision.
  13. Compiler, am I correct that this is a visitor visa application lodged in Thailand? If the application is sent directly to the Australian Embassy Bangkok, there is NO online tracking available. Applications sent directly to the Australian Embassy Bangkok are processed in around one month from date of application. The applicant will have to wait until the notice of determination is sent out in the mail. If the application is lodged at the Australian Visa Application Centre in Bangkok, processing is around 10 full business days from date of application. The Australian Visa Application Centre provides online tracking, but the tracking only advises that the application has been received and when the application has been finalised. Again, applicant have to wait until they receive the notice of determination from the Australian Embassy Bangkok. For applications submitted online, there is no progress tracking per se, applicants will be advised online of the notice of determination.
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