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  1. Mrs. Brooks

    Waiting for PR Sub 100

    My 309 was approved and moved to Oz one month later, two years to the date I was eligible for consideration of subclass 100. I started doing research and read through the forum and immi website and came across content that immigration doesn’t send you any emails and notifications to provide more info. since I applied online in my immi account I did proceed to stage two and did all the paperwork and attached further documents to show we are still in ongoing genuine relationship and attached evidence and stat. Declaration forms, 6 months later I had immigration contact me to provide another police certificate from Australia and once that was received by immigration, 8 days later we got an email our subclass 100 was finalised. As everyone before me had advised check your VEVO, and based on what you have stated, status being “unlawful” I would take that seriously and contact immigration office in person or even check your immi account if application was lodged online. Hope you get help and this is sorted, I know it might be stressful, but keep us posted
  2. Mrs. Brooks

    Partner Visa 309 - Processing Time

    Hi! I probably advise you to be careful about everything an agent tells you, just as Aussie_83 mentioned above you can easily get wrong information especially if some agents are not registered, as well as immigration when you call up you get so many different answers and sometimes incorrect information! The very first visa I wanted to go with was a PMV and had been advised by an agent that later found out he was not registered thanks to this group I looked out for that! I did not qualify for De Facto at the time because of the time spent living together It would have been hard to provide evidence we lived together sometimes.through this forum I went ahead and did a decision ready application and took only few months, for visa to be issued for high risk country, visa lodged in Dubai, even after having to pull out a child from application due to missing document. I would advise you to give as much evidence as you can ( This makes it easy because there’s no time wasted waiting for you to provide more requested documents - found using the checklist very helpful) and if in doubt the answers are always in this forum, take time to go through forums and good Luck girl.
  3. We were in your position and the child was under 18, father was not in the picture and when Applying we were requested for custody and court order allowing to remove the child from country of birth, (sometimes depending on country laws it can take time) we had to pull off child from the partner application and once temporary partner was approved, and we got the custody and court order we applied for subclass 445 dependant child visa which was approved within 3 months (high risk country) child entered Australia within 2 weeks, enrolled in school and a month later both PR was issued both both partner and child. When you apply if you have all the necessary paperwork required the better, it will help avoid the long wait times.
  4. Mrs. Brooks

    309 Offshore Partner Visa Ghanaian Partner

    Be patient partner visas tend to take time but sure you will hear from them soon enough. Hope it all goes well.
  5. Mrs. Brooks

    309 Offshore Partner Visa Ghanaian Partner

    I hope you get your visa soon, good you are updating more evidence as you get it. That is good. Keep sharing your journey, I know you will get the visa
  6. Mrs. Brooks

    Exactly What Forms To Fill Out

    Our visa got approved Nov of 2016, praying for yours to get approved faster.
  7. Mrs. Brooks

    Online Application, Sponsor Point Of View Or Applicant?

    The application whose seeking the visa I would suggest
  8. Mrs. Brooks

    309 Offshore Partner Visa Ghanaian Partner

    Dont get lost joy, share maybe you might get some insights from the forum, Dont give up, need to ask questions we are here for you ????
  9. Mrs. Brooks

    309 Offshore Partner Visa Ghanaian Partner

    Hi all sorry for late reply. Geof2017, We lodged our application online 1st April of 2016 and partner visa issued 24th November 2016, moved to Australia 17th Feb 2017, started work 03 April 2017. Eby89, you want to work around what the letter of refusal for a visit visa was according to immigration. Personally I felt at some point I wanted to have our application handled by an agent, then the thought of knowing it was not a guarantee and everything about our relationship we knew "US" best, I took time off work went through this forum for days, there was one lady who made a decision to go for decision ready application, she was british and had posted very organised and detailed description of how she did her application. I sort of worked around that just I didnt send in medicals and police checks because they expire and for medicals you need to have HAAP ID which u get from your case officer. I will have a look through my emails if I still have that layout and I will post it on here maybe someone else might benefit from that. Maudy, I hope your application gets approved soon, the separation and waiting is not easy, you did amazing by complying with your visa conditions and not over staying your visa way to go girl, that will work in your favour. Hope to hear some good news from all of you. I know some African countries can lodge their visas online on immi account, check with country of ppassport, the checklist on immi account is less confusing, and you can still submit more evidence after applying as long as your case is open.
  10. Mrs. Brooks

    Exactly What Forms To Fill Out

    Hi there, This gave us so much stress at the time of applying but my husband found it easy using checklist. He had to fill up both forms 80 and 40sp. If you did apply or looking to submit your application online we found immi account easy to use as the classification of what was required was much simpler and easier to understand. Good luck hope it goes well for you guys.
  11. Mrs. Brooks

    309 Offshore Partner Visa Ghanaian Partner

    Hi there, Im originally from kenya, and hubby is Australian, at the time of lodging my visa I was living in dubai where I worked and lived for 7 years. First thing to do before lodging a visit visa, I would ask does your husband work? That is one thing the immigration department look into because if he is to visit Australia even though you are married, according to immigration they see an incentive for your husband not to leave Australia. Personally before applying for my visa we dated and got engaged and applied within 4 years because we both lived out of our countries of birth. We made sure the checklist which helped us lodge every requirement of our visa was checked. We had to have atleast 12 months of living together etc... when we applied for our visa in dubai the turn around time was 12 months, we sent everything as decision ready and our visa got approved after 7 months, so it does really depend on the amount of data you provide and every case is different. I had 3 months to enter Australia after our visa was issued. We made arrangements two weeks later to travel to Australia,it was easy for us because I worked with an airline. Got to Australia and a month later started work. I hope all goes well for you guys, I know how stressful the waiting can be. If YOU need to ask me any questions please feel to reach out. Good luck!
  12. Mrs. Brooks

    Preparing to start partner visa application process

    Hi Raerae80, Thank you so much for your reply, you have made me see things from a different perspective, i highly appreciate all the valid points you have offered me, now i will take time to build up our evidence and into detail. I really like your advice thanks alot, il be keeping an update of the process and all the stages. Cheers,
  13. Hi everyone, Thank you to everyone on this forum, the information and advice is just amazing. Thank you in advance to everyone on here who will have some advice for us. Lastly i feel we are not alone as some of you can relate to to our situation. About us: He is an Australian citizen, im Kenyan, we Met in Dubai on Feb 7th 2011, where im a resident because i have been working there for 5 years and he was on a business trip. We kept intouch via skype,emails,sms,direct phone calls and chats on yahoo messenger. 3 months after we first met, he came back to Dubai to see me for a week, then a few months later he came to see me again and we had 2weeks holiday in Abu Dhabi, 6 months later i joined him after his business trip to alittle less than two weeks for easter holidays in Hong Kong, then couple of months later back to Dubai to spend time with me. We both had a longer holiday from work for a full month holiday in Thailand for my birthday celebration, then he invited me to Australia to meet his family a few months later, we applied for visit visa for a month which got approved and i travelled to meet my then boyfriend's family and friends, while holidaying in Australia was surprised to a proposal and we got engaged in Australia, went back to work after my visit, found out i was 3 months pregnant after my Oz visit unfortunatly had a miscarriage which made me quit my job. my fiance came to dubai for 3weeks time during which i had a miscarriage. 4 months later tried for a visit visa to be with my fiance at the time, my visa was denied because i was not working, a week after the refusal i got a new contract for a new job that was to start 4 months later, i reapplied for a visit visa and got 3 months visa to Oz, Applied for NOIM and got married a month later. My husband and I are thinking of starting partner visa application because he is changing jobs, and will be flying out of the country less which will disadvantage us. My questions are: 1 Since we have been basically long distance in different countries, we dont have any bank accounts together because im not a resident in Oz and neither is he a resident in Dubai, to access a joint account in one of these countries. 2 we have alot of proof of our relationship, and now that we are newly wed, how can we show proof of our commitment even with different residential addresses even though we hope to have joint accounts when living together? 3 How do we go about the application? Anyone whose gone through this same situation?? We will appreciate any help, advice,ideas that we will get here to help us start preparing our application. Many thanks.