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  1. Interesting that is very different and not what your website says. From you website: The terms of our visa service are you agree to pay the sum of 10,000 THB Deposit which is Non Refundable. If you do not receive your visa you do not pay any further fees & our contract is terminated. Also interesting that you have said that you are not a registered Migration agent in Australia. Yet to be doing this Call us today in Australia –0436-008-053 for a free visa assessment today. (Taken from your website ) You need to be registered, so it appears you are either breaking the law in Australia and operating illegally or deceiving your potential clients. How do you explain this?
  2. I have nothing to back up my view that I can recall off hand, remember reading it somewhere, so was interested to see. I rely on the fact that I have pissed off @AFV enough that he is itching to prove wrong so would jump at the chance to say I was wrong as per the regulation Ih8u of the migration act. That hasn't happened yet 😄😄😄😄
  3. Very very silent here both @AFV and @Thai Visa Express seem to be advoiding answering. Seems I have bought to light the dirty little secret they seem to want to avoid answering, that if people use a self appointed agent or unregistered agent (not sure what the best term is to discribe it) like I have said have zero protection or chance of getting there money back such as I the case of the OP.
  4. It takes time, will mostly likely take several weeks before they even look at it. They should contact you shortly an tell you they are looking into it. Once they do and the agent becomes aware of them looking at it you will most likely see action by the agent to resolve it very very quickly.
  5. Best option is to smooth things out with your stepmum. This is the best option in the long run. To bring your mum permanently you need to apply for a subclass 103 Parent visa. Cost is currently about $7000 (upfront) and a 30 year processing time, so you will be about 47 when it's granted. The other option is move to your mum's country if able.
  6. Yeah no problems if the property is in joint names with a citizen (you). Not eligible if only in the name of your wife (you weren't clear on that) It's far easier to put your wife's address as the overseas one and just update it once you apply and get the bridging visa activated. They will contact via email or phone before sending a letter etc to an overseas address.
  7. As she is in Australia on a visitor visa she, by default isn't a resident and doesn't have residency in Australia. As the visa says she is a visitor. You should check the eligibility requirements for the first home buyers grant as if the house is under her name solely she isn't eligible for the grant. Also she will need to demonstrate how she is paying for the house.
  8. Doesn't overly matter, the correct way would be her residential address overseas and then once she becomes a resident of Australia update the address via the online system.
  9. Just asking as I would be interested to know as a far as I know its linked. I the case you remember did they withdraw the application or was it refused.
  10. The form must be completed by a person who: • knows the visa applicant and their partner or fiancé(e) and the history of their relationship; • is at least 18 years of age; and • is an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident. If the visa applicant is outside Australia and is unable to have an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident complete this form, any person who knows the applicant and their partner or fiancé(e) may also complete this form. The person completing this form must provide evidence of their current name, age and, where applicable, Australian citizenship or Australian permanent residency (for example, a certified copy of the birth certificate, Australian passport or passport containing a permanent visa).
  11. There was nothing uncivil in my post, you just miss understood what you read as you have your nose out if joint since last time you took it upon yourself to try and ban me and it effects your judgement. Happy for you to correct my claim and explain what comeback a person has against a self appointed agent in some developing foreign country then that person is in.
  12. As someone who claims to be legally qualified, how about you read my post again and actually read what it says instead of what you think it says.
  13. First step would be making a complaint here https://www.mara.gov.au/using-an-agent/resolving-disputes-with-your-agent/make-a-complaint-about-an-agent/ Thank your lucky stars you choose a registered mara agent because if you choose a self appointed agent like many here you have no comeback at all and should kiss you money goodbye.
  14. That information is for the applicant, your husband not you. No need at tell your employer anything unless it adds to your credibility.
  15. I think your wrong here, but what information have you found to show this.
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