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  1. Thanks for the great adviced guys and happy new year. I have a new question though.I just married last december with my filipina wife and on the process of filling up the the 40SP form for the 820/801 application of my wife .By the way the marriage was not registered in thailand with my ex-wife last time as I remembered that we didnt undergo any special process of registration there, after the wedding I just stayed there for 2days and came back here in australia,also a thai friend of mine who helped organized the application that time didnt submit any marriage certificate when my ex-wife submitted the partner visa. Now just confused because I dont know what to answer in the question "How relationship ended(eg. divorce, death) ....PLS HELP what to answer in the question.... Can I just make a letter statement about the history of my relationship with my ex-wife explaining what happened? I cant even ask my ex-wife for the stat declaration for separation because I dont have her contacts anymore.another additional note is, her english is very poor so our communication that time is really bad...I know I've been stupid...though I have learned my lesson.Moving forward, I am very happy now with my new wife. Your advised would be a big help again Cheers,
  2. hey tso thank you for your great help and advice I think it might be best to go to Bangkok to get a divorce, or if not able to go to Bangkok myself, to engage the services of a Thai lawyer
  3. another dumb question is wants to know how to check if the marriage was registered in district office...bec it was my ex and migration agent processed the visa..I really need to know this as soon as possible bec me and my fiance are planning of getting married on december and will apply partner after. Your advise is much appreciated. Cheers,
  4. okay very sorry post is a bit confusing. Yes got married in 2010 in a Buddhist ceremony and the visa was not granted cause they said not sufficient evidence for granting of a partner visa and I guess after applying for a visa be best to apply for a divorce and do you have to go Thailand or can you do it in Australia through the family law court please any info be good cheers
  5. I was talking to this Thai national in 2010 and decided to visit her, and at the time I thought was a good lady and in may 2010 we got married in a Buddhist wedding and applied for a partner visa but the visa was not granted and she decided not to come here. This is the reason for my question. Is the legal ceremony recognised in Australia by the Australian government and how do you find out whether your Buddhist wedding is legal or a religious ceremony . I want to get a divorce now because I have met the best fantastic lady, and what is the best way to get a divorce from a Thai national. Can I do it from Australia cause the thai embassy says I have to go to Bangkok. Any helpful information be greatly appreciated
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